Clutch 2019 Product Road Map (April Fool’s!)

Update: None of the following information should be taken seriously. Happy April Fool’s day! (But if you want any of it to become reality, shout it at us from as many social media platforms as possible!)

Now that Series 1 is in the hands of Managers, we wanted to keep everyone in the loop about what the rest of the season has in store for the game of Clutch Baseball.

We’ll go into more details on these as they get closer, but here’s a quick list:

5/15: 2019’s second Limited Edition set, Generations: Centuries, a small collection of the best players from the 90’s and 00’s (1890’s and 1900’s, that is). Look for players like Amos Rusie, Kid Nichols, and Jack Glasscock along with 1/1 tobacco card variants.

6/1: Clutch Baseball Series 2, featuring 350 additional base set players consisting of any player with a major league at-bat in 2019 prior to 4/1. To play into the series “two” theme, the Pre-Order bonuses will consist of 5 two-sided player cards, including Willians Astudio (a Catcher card and a Utility card), an Emergency Pitcher card (John Ryan Murphy, whose reverse side will feature a pitcher’s chart), and a special two-sided Strategy card that can be played on Offense or Defense, but not both.

7/15: 2019 Limited Edition Set 3: The Dog Days of Summer. 4 dog-themed player cards, including Fred McGriff (with a 1/1 “Crime Dog” variant), Yasiel Pug, and a “Homer the Beagle” Strategy card — the first Mascot card produced (so far)!

9/1: 2019 Clutch Baseball Series 3, consisting of 400 addition base set player cards, including anyone expected to make their major league debut in the next three seasons. The Series 3 Pre-Order bonus will be a 5-card “Futures Game” set, featuring up and comers like Oregon State Catcher Adley Rutschman, Colleyville Heritage High School Shortstop Bobby Witt Jr., and 15-year-old power hitting phenom Blaze Jordan.

11/1 2019 Limited Edition Set #4: Baha-mania! Inspired by Community Director James’ recent Honeymoon in the Bahamas, a series of 5 MLB players born in the Bahamas, including Andre Rodgers, Tony Curry, Ed Armbrister, and Wenty Ford.

We’re also pleased to announce the debut of a new product in 2020, because why should the big leagues have all the fun? This summer, take the game outside, because we’re going back…back…backyard!

Clutch Backyard Baseball 2019: Series 1 will be available on April 1st, 2020. But we’ve got a sneak preview for you today! The Backyard Baseball GOAT, Pablo Sanchez!

Hope your day is a Clutch one. 😎

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