7.5k Stretch Goal Hit + Final 10k Stretch Goal

After just 3 weeks on Indiegogo we have now raised over $7,500! We’re extremely happy with the results so far and the support we’ve gotten from our hardcore fans. We have now sent the fully graphically-designed app into development. Once again, it may only be available as a web app initially-but this wont fundamentally change anything besides how you access it.

Our ultimate goal is to break $10k and beyond before pre-orders are all said and done. As I’ve mentioned, we still are only about 1/2 way to covering initial costs-which isn’t a huge deal, as we obviously are order
ing a lot more product to sell over the course of the year, and the rest of the cash will be fronted out of pocket, but we’d like to have more wiggle room to advertise the game and continue to build our audience.

With that being said, our second and final stretch goal is for $10k and is for the production of our Mid-Season set. We hope this set becomes a real signature item over the years. We plan to feature every All-Star, players not included in the initial set (Rookie cards…?), Legends from the home All Star team, and special Strategies.

The All Star cards allow us to utilize colors more than the main set. We cannot use team colors normally, but as long as a whole series of cards are the same color it’s okay. So all our All Stars and legends can have the special Miami design shown here.

Obviously all players are TBD. Please feel free to suggest legends and “missing players” on our forums! This is your game as much as it is ours and that’s something we really believe in. Now matter how small/big this game is that will always be the case.

What makes this a stretch goal? Well first of all we hope that showcasing more colors/designs will attract some people on the fence about the game. We also have some big plans for this set, including a custom-illustrated game mat that will cost several hundred dollars for an artist to design. I’m just a humble graphic designer-I don’t do “real art”. With that being said, we also will be offering some sort of added bonus to all current and future backers with a mid-season purchase.

We are not sure if we will be selling packs/full-sets/whatever yet so we have not decided on a bonus yet but it will come in the form of a discount, exclusive cards, or freebies.

Let us know what you think of the All-Star cards!

Michael Bimonte

Co-Owner and Creative Director of Clutch. Current hockey/softball player and devoted Mets and NY Rangers fan. Made his first baseball card game nearly 10 years ago to play during study hall.

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