Individual Rulings

Some Strategy/Stadium Cards require additional ruling clarifications, these will be continually updated here.

Aaron Boone: after every 2 consecutive uses, not after every consecutive

Baltimore Chop: R/L + is not factored into determining the player’s On-Base

Dinger Town: Hand limit is increased only for the Manager whose Player hit the HR

Hot Shot: R/L + is not factored into determining the player’s On-Base

Inertia: Momentum cards that have Inertia played on them are immune to the effects of Lost His Mojo. If Inertia is played on “Golden Ratio,” it will not be removed if the player is substituted due to the effects of that card.

Not So Fast: When this card is played, the card being nullified and discarded does not require the opponent to follow its directions to discard cards

Set Up Man: Mistake Pitches will still lead to the Offense rolling the Swing with the Power Die

Shohei Ohtani: Ohtani may only bat OR pitch in the same game

Suicide Squeeze: This card may only be played with less than (2) outs.

Tampa Bay Park 2019:

  • The RP “opener” must be announced before the game. If you choose to use a Relief Pitcher as the “opener”, move the Starting Pitcher scheduled to originally start to the bullpen for this game.
  • If you do choose to use the original Starter Pitcher out of the bullpen, they enter the game as a “RP” for strategy card use.
  • The Starting Pitcher in- line to originally start may enter the game anytime after the “opener” has faced at least one batter. You are not required to use the original Starting Pitcher in line.

Triple Play!: This card may only be played with (0) outs.

Upper Decker: If this card is played after the Defense used a card to change or potentially change the HR outcome, that card is returned to their hand.