Official Rulebook

Current Version: 3.0 (03/27/19)

v3.00 Changelog

  • Card Images updated to reflect new 2019 designs
  • R (Runs Scored Leader) icon added
  • Removed the Closing Pitcher position
  • Individual Rulings have been moved to, which will be updated throughout the season
  • Updated method for determining home/away teams in a Best of 3 Series
  • Updated method for determining Starting Pitcher in a single game
  • Revamped the At-Bat Sequence
  • Clarified that a Mistake Pitch is caused by the result of a Pitch Roll
  • Added wording for determining which effect to use if two effect would affect the same attribute in the same way
  • Weather cards no longer count as Doubling Up
  • Each Manager may now only successfully change the result of an At-Bat once per At-Bat
  • Reworded section 3.12. Advancing Bases to clarify whether scenarios involve Defensive Throws or Defensive Plays, as well as clarifying when various +5 Speed bonuses apply to make those instances more apparent
  • Added additional terms to the Glossary

v2.10 Changelog

  • 2.2: Weather, Manager & 2.0 Deck Limits
  • 3.9.B: Rewritten
  • Dinger Town, Intertia, Not so Fast, Set Up Man & Upper Decker added to Individual Rulings
  • Ejection added to Glossary
  • Tired clarified in Glossary

v2.00 Changelog

  • New 2018 version including addition of Weather/Manager Strategy cards

v1.16 Changelog

  • 1.1.A.14 – Added AS: All-Star to icons
  • 1.1.B.14 – Added AS: All-Star to icons
  • 1.3.3 – Changed to “Bonus Effect: How the card affects the game for specific players” (for Stadiums that give bonuses to icons rather than teams a la Florida Park)
  • 2.2 – No more of the same Rare “OR ULTRA-RARE” card may be placed in a deck
  • 3.5 – Added “No substitutions can be made until the 4th inning unless the Pitcher is Tired.”
  • 3.5.B – Changed 1B out of position penalty from -3 to -2
  • 3.9 – Swapped order to A. Substitutions and B. Strategy Cards
  • 3.12.D – Removed +5 to Speed if trying for Home from 3.12.D (Redundant with 3.12.B)
  • 5 – Baltimore Chop: R/L + is not factored into determining the player’s On-Base
  • Hot Shot: R/L + is not factored into determining the player’s On-Base

v1.15 Changelog

  • Clarified Intentional Walk / Sacrifice bunting situations
  • Clarified max 2 per deck Strategy Card Rule
  • Other minor text fixes

v1.11 Changelog

  • Changed a RP or CP entering the game tired to -1 Command to begin

v1.10 Changelog

  • Added that a tired Pitcher enters the game with full Command
  • Changed the Emergency Pitcher rule to be that the last Pitcher in will remain in the game (No more emergency SP)
  • Clarified the mechanics of advancing bases on a FB
  • Clarified the ability to Intentionally Walk / Sac Bunt once Strategy Cards have been played
  • Changed a Utility Player to ONLY be able to play IF/OF
  • Clarified Sacrifices and that they do not count as an official out against a Batter for the sake of Momentum Cards
  • Added Individual Rulings Section and 2 rulings