Official Rulebook

Current Version: 1.15 (4/22/17)

v1.15 Changelog

  • Clarified Intentional Walk / Sacrifice bunting situations
  • Clarified max 2 per deck Strategy Card Rule
  • Other minor text fixes

v1.11 Changelog

  • Changed a RP or CP entering the game tired to -1 Command to begin

v1.10 Changelog

  • Added that a tired Pitcher enters the game with full Command
  • Changed the Emergency Pitcher rule to be that the last Pitcher in will remain in the game (No more emergency SP)
  • Clarified the mechanics of advancing bases on a FB
  • Clarified the ability to Intentionally Walk / Sac Bunt once Strategy Cards have been played
  • Changed a Utility Player to ONLY be able to play IF/OF
  • Clarified Sacrifices and that they do not count as an official out against a Batter for the sake of Momentum Cards
  • Added Individual Rulings Section and 2 rulings