The 2019 Clutch Baseball Tournament

We are proud to announce that we are returning to the great city of Philadelphia for the annual Clutch Baseball Tournament! Two years ago we had a fantastic inaugural tournament at Redcap’s Corner, so it was the obvious choice to return to for this year’s contest. Hopefully we’ll see some familiar faces, and plenty of new ones too!

Official Details

Where: Redcap’s Corner Official SiteFacebook3850 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104
When: Saturday, November 9th, 11 AM to 8 PM
Sunday, November 10th, 11 AM to 6 PM
Format: 5 game round robin followed by modified double elimination playoff bracket. Minimum 7 games, with everyone still alive Sunday morning.
Entry Fee: $20
Prizes: All contestants will receive 2 promo cards. The winner of the tournament gets to pick 2 future Limited Edition cards.

The 5 game round robin will consist of 2 home games, 2 away games, and the final 5th game at London Stadium. The modified double elimination playoff bracket is a normal double elimination bracket up until the championship game, where the winners of the winners’ bracket and losers’ bracket will play in a 1 game championship for all the glory. Contestants will be emailed a link a week before the tournament to submit their roster and strategy card deck. Tournament registration and entry fee will be purchased through the website.

Tournament Rules

Rules: Standard rulebook and rulings errata.
Player Cards: All 2019 player cards.
Strategy Cards: All 2017-2019 strategy cards.
Roster: 25 man – 6,000 salary standard roster.
Stadium Cards: All 2019 stadium cards.
Strategy Cards: 40 card strategy deck with 10 card side board (standard rules apply).
Extra-Innings: During the playoff bracket, all extra-innings will begin with the previous batter starting at second base.

Spread the word and bring along friends and family to cheer you on! Let’s make this the best Clutch Baseball Tournament yet!

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