The Reinforcements Have Landed

“Series 1” card pictures on left. “Series 2” card pictured on right.

After another couple of setbacks, as of tomorrow we will officially have more stock. Our new printer did a great job turning around the cards in a quick manner. We have not seen them in real life yet, but we’ve seen a lot of production photos over the past couple of weeks and we’re very encouraged by the colors/quality.

The hardest thing about all of this has been locking down the right people to trust with the production of the game. I’ve got a box full of failed dice ordered from all over the world for further proof of that. Some dice were too small, some had too many imperfections, some weren’t the advertised color. It’s a frustrating process.

The good news is that we feel really good about where we’re at with all of our trusted production partners as of now. We obviously wanted to be a little further along at this point: be in stores/Amazon, have tournaments scheduled, etc, but all things considered the initial release could have gone worse. We’re hoping for a smoother Mid-Season Set release and guaranteeing a smoother 2018 release.

Factory photo of error rainbow foil.

I just want to talk about the cards for a second. While we haven’t heard many (any?) complaints about what I’m going to refer to as the “Series 1” cards (the ones that Indiegogo early backers received), we have already gone over some of the defects and will be releasing further details on the mid-season compensation that was promised. The “Series 2” (new batch of cards for official release) will look a little different. For starters, the printer has improved upon the colors/contrast on player cards. We have also decided to ditch the UV highlighting because it just wasn’t doing too much. Rare cards will not be foil stamped, instead they now have holographic areas. The attached photo showcases the area in which the foil will appear. Please note that this is a picture of one of the aforementioned setbacks: they put rainbow foil instead of silver foil on the cards initially.

On one hand, I know it’s frustrating that the new cards look better/different than the first batch, but we have officially destroyed the remaining stock, so the only Series 1 cards that still exist are the ones currently in circulation. Hopefully that makes them a little more special.

Lastly, we’ll once again need a couple days to break down the order and begin shipping. We learned quite a bit from the manner in which we ordered the first set, and our new method will greatly improve speed.  We’ve also taken a look at our booster pack building process and think we can improve on our randomization.

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