November Update

We’re back—for good.

It’s been over a year since we removed ourselves from the internet. Just about everyone thought the project was dead—including us at times. I’m going to attempt to answer some of the biggest questions here in this blog. We vow to be as open as possible about this project going forward. Keep checking our blog and follow us on social media for the latest updates.

Why did the website go down?

The short answer: we didn’t think we’d need it anymore (explained below) and it was getting attacked by viruses. I must have fixed that website a dozen times and it just kept getting assaulted, and I’m still not sure why/how. It also violated countless copyright laws—which we were well aware of—but we figured it was a good way to get the word out / draw some attention during the beta phase.

Why did Social Media go down?

To be honest, we didn’t have much to say for a very long time. Every lead we once had basically was dead (explained below), and we weren’t sure what direction we were going in / could go in. There’s only so many times you can post “updates coming soon” without actually having an update.

I thought you guys had a plan!?

This is partially true. When we went into this, we had no idea what we were doing. We just figured if we made a good product we would figure out a way to make it real. We were actually partially right. We forgot about the whole part of it taking 5x longer than we anticipated and getting figuratively slapped in the face a few dozen times.

The thing is it did kind of start to work itself out—so we thought. Creating a website and showcasing Clutch led to some interesting opportunities. We made quite a few contacts, and one of which was a very hot lead. This person had already created his own game and had MLBPA licensing. He wanted our game and we thought it was our best chance to make Clutch right then and there. We started developing the game for immediate release. Then he ghosted a couple months into the “merger.” This was probably the biggest shot to the project. We had been working on this game non-stop for so long: perfecting the game balance, fighting over the rule book, calling every company we could think of to pitch it to—we were beat.

Well, what have you been up to?

We took a lot of time off—we needed it—physically and mentally. I know personally, I thought about it every day even when we weren’t actually working on it. My head was always spinning with ideas on how we could make it happen. Truth be told, we learned a lot of valuable information on what we can/can’t do while working on the failed merger project.

The timeline gets fuzzy for me, but earlier this summer I had a few idea sparks on how to make stadium cards / strategy cards work under the limitations and I mocked them all up. I think we mutually agreed they we’re pretty darn cool and would do the job. We couldn’t agree on how player cards could work and our spurt of ambition fell apart for the rest of the summer.

Earlier this fall I got back into card designs. We found one we agreed on and once the season ended and we had new statistics to work with, I ran the formulas and made the cards. I’ve been working on this website for a couple of weeks and we’ve just “reclaimed” our social media presence.

Surely you have a plan this time!?

Yes, we do! We’re printing a new beta set this month. Luckily we don’t need to do any testing, since it’s the same game we tested the crap out of a couple years ago, just with a new look. Once we decide on a printer we’re going to work with the community to decide which way to release this will be best for everyone. We plan to sell directly on this site and Amazon Prime, however we have not decided if we will be offering random packs, full sets, or something completely different. We’ll be launching a kickstarter after the holidays to take preorders and cover some initial costs, with a release before the 2017 baseball season.

Okay, sounds reasonable–tell me more about the new designs!

Alright, fair enough. Check out this blog for more info.

Michael Bimonte

Co-Owner and Creative Director of Clutch. Current hockey/softball player and devoted Mets and NY Rangers fan. Made his first baseball card game nearly 10 years ago to play during study hall.

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