Mid-Season Set Details, Composition, Pre-Orders, & More!

The final Miami legend is being decided by a Twitter fan poll.

For those of you who aren’t sure what the Mid-Season Set is, it’s an expansion pack to the Clutch Baseball 2017 set. It will feature legends from Miami, 2017 All-Stars, and new Strategy/Stadium cards. The cards will feature some classic bright Miami-themed colors.  For those of you who have been (im)patiently waiting since we first announced this project back as a stretch goal during our crowdfunding campaign in February, we got you. In this blog I will be delving to go into the finer details of the Mid-Season Set, such as the composition, purchasing options, pre-order opportunities, and more.


  • 90 Cards
  • 5 Legends (Ultra-Rare)
  • 3 New Strategy Cards (Ultra-Rare)
  • 15 New Players (Uncommon)
  • 60 All-Stars (Rare)
  • 5 Updated Strategy Cards (Uncommon)
  • 2 New Stadium Cards (Ultra-Rare)
  • [10 Ultra Rare, 60 Rare, 20 Uncommon]
  • [80 Players, 8 Strategy, 2 Stadium]

First let’s look at the overall set.  It will feature 5 holographic Legends cards, 4 from Miami and 1 special card based on a prolific achievement by a certain player this year.  60 of the 64 players in the 2017 All-Star Game will be present (sorry to the last two vote-ins and 2 other guys).  Of these 60, 10 will be holographic – 5 from the NL and 5 from the AL.  We’re trying to find players that didn’t already have a holographic card in the 2017 main set (aka Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger).  There will be 5 updated Strategy Cards from the 2017 set with some new twists based on the new All-Star (AS) icon.  Finally, there will be 3 new ultra-rare Strategy Cards, 2 new ultra-rare Stadium Cards, and 15 players that were either snubbed from the 2017 set or have made a name for themselves in the first half of the season (unless they make the All-Star game, and then they will be part of the All-Star cards of course).  A full detailed player-list will be made available as soon as the official All-Star rosters are announced!


  • 9 Cards
  • 1 Ultra-Rare (Legend, New Strategy Card, or New Stadium Card)
  • 6 Rare (All-Stars)
  • 2 Uncommon (New Players or Updated Strategy Cards)

Many people have asked us if the Mid-Season Set will be available to purchase as a complete set like the 2017 main set.  The answer is no, we are selling these as booster packs exclusively.  Why? Well we feel that this set has a more limited edition and collectible feel to it.  Therefore we think it will be interesting to see what people can pull the old fashioned way (and maybe even gloat about it on the internet too).  We’re even thinking of a special reward to whoever can complete the whole set first!  Don’t worry, this isn’t a complete change in our business model and the 2018 main set will be sold in complete packages just like this year.


  • Start Wednesday, July 5th
  • 4 Packs/$20
  • 9 Packs/$40
  • Expected release date of early-mid August

While featuring fewer cards at a higher price point than the boosters of the 2017 set, these packs pack an unbelievable punch.  1 Ultra-Rare and 6 Rares guaranteed in every booster means you’ll be able to wreak havoc on the diamond and look good doing it.

Hope everyone is looking forward to these cards as much as we are.  The first half of the season has been amazing, both for us and for baseball.  Here’s to finishing off the rest of 2017 strong!