The Mid-Season Set Is Coming!

As I said in my previous blog, we teased this project back in February.  Now, in August, we finally have the cards in our hand.  And trust us, it was worth the wait.  They look beautiful and perfectly capture the flair of Miami.  One problem though…

There are 15 holographic cards in this set.  4 Florida Legends, STL Albert Pujols, and 10 2017 All-Stars.  Besides Pujols, these cards were meant to be orange/light blue like the other All-Star player cards.  But something got lost in translation and they were printed as the standard red/blue.  Extremely disappointing, but we aren’t going to get caught up over errors that are out of our control.  Waiting another month to get new cards in isn’t an option either.  So in order to compensate products arriving slightly different than they were advertised, we will be adding an extra pack to every order.  This will also stack with the extra packs from being an Indiegogo backer.  Interestingly enough, as the 14 holographic cards went from orange/light blue to red/blue, Pujols, who was supposed to be red/blue, went to a dark red/purple.  It’s not what we intended but it actually looks pretty awesome so…#PurplePujols.

2017 Mid-Season Standard vs. 2017 Main Set Holo vs. 2017 Mid-Season Holo vs. 2017 Mid-Season Albert Pujols

The packs have been made to cover pre-orders and they’ll be processed and shipped by Saturday or Monday at the latest.  We already sold about half the Mid-Season cards we have just in pre-orders so if you haven’t ordered yet get on that ASAP.

Keen eyes will also notice some changes in our holographic cards from the 2017 main set to the Mid-Season Set.  Icons and the clutch meter are now foil.  The diamond is now white with a foil accent instead of completely foil.  We did this for two reasons: A) the full silver made the card a little dark overall and B) that large of a foil area was just asking to get scratched and nicked up.  Overall we feel these are our best looking cards yet, even if the color isn’t exactly what we wanted.

Tomorrow we will be announcing a contest regarding this set.  And in the next few weeks we will be revealing a community event that we think is really exciting.  Stay tuned!