Memorial Day 2018 LE Set

Even though we know you can’t see them, trust us the cards are there- Clutch is going camo! After the overwhelmingly positive support for the format of the Valentine’s Day LE Set that quickly sold out, we’re very excited to announce that we’re doing the same for our 2nd 2018 LE Set: Memorial Day. Here’s a refresher/explanation for new players:

LE Format / Distribution

This set will feature 4 cards sold in blind packs. Each pack contains 1 version of the 2 players featured in the set: Tony Gwynn & Trevor Hoffman. The odds of getting each version are as follows:

Standard: 55/75   |   Memorial Day Variant: 19/75   |   Special Memorial Day Variant: 1/75

The packs will be limited to 75 and will all include both LE Strategy Cards: “Back to the Track” & “Short Porch”. The player variants are statistically identical—the difference is purely cosmetic. Packs will be completely random, so you could theoretically get 2 variants in 1 pack. The packs will cost $14.99 each or FREE with orders $29.99 and over. All items (both 2017 & 2018) will qualify except gift cards. A max of 5 packs will be allowed per person. Sales begin on 5/25 and will ship immediately.

The Cards

Everyone caught up? Let’s talk cards.

Tony Gwynn: When we decided on the camouflage design theme, it was only right that we featured some of the all time greats from San Diego. The pattern is most closely associated with that team and their alternate uniforms. The greatest player from San Diego, without a doubt, was Tony Gwynn. Gwynn dominated the 1987 season as the quintessential man at the top of the order – .370 AVG, 218 H, 119 R, and 56 SB. This is our highest salary card to date (minus Ohtani’s double sided card).

Trevor Hoffman: The stars really aligned for Hoffman. Not only is he one of the greatest players from San Diego, but he was recently inducted into the Hall Of Fame this past January. Hoffman was so good in 1998 that he came in 2nd place in MVP voting, an amazing recognition as a relieving pitcher (fun fact: he’s also our first LE out of the bullpen). He notched a league leading 53 SV, along with a  1.48 ERA, 0.849 WHIP, and 10.6 K/9.

Back to the Track: You didn’t think the dimensions we added were just to look pretty did you? Aside from being part of our Stadium card redesign, the stadium diagrams will now be able to impact gameplay with our two new LE Strategy cards. The first, on defense, is “Back To The Track.” Think Highway Robbery, with some twists, and with top LF/RF defenders being able to break the batter’s heart. Along with the addition of Stadiums that are indoors/outdoors (affecting Weather cards), the decision of where to field your ball club is as in-depth and challenging as ever.

Short Porch: On the other hand, from the offensive side of things, we have “Short Porch.” Take advantage of those short RF walls (cough New York (A) cough) with some big bats to turn FB’s into 2B’s and HR’s.  Remember all the Strategy cards that are part of this set will feature the limited edition blue/red camouflage design.

And there it is – the 2018 Memorial Day set. Comment here or contact us on social media @clutchcards to let us know what you think! Are you hoping for a variant or standard limited edition player? Will these new strats find their way into your deck? Remember: orders begin on May 25th!

Michael Bimonte

Co-Owner and Creative Director of Clutch. Current hockey/softball player and devoted Mets and NY Rangers fan. Made his first baseball card game nearly 10 years ago to play during study hall.

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