March Update

$14,715 Thank Yous.

The Indiegogo Campaign officially ended last night. It’s going to be a little weird to go into work and not stare at our Indiegogo analytics on my side monitor all day, but it’s going to be good to get a little bit of a breather.

It’s pretty well documented by now how we got to this point—our initial trials and failures to bring this to life and our long public hiatus. When we finally found a way to make this happen last fall, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When our campaign went live on January 13th, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. We raised $1,130 in the first 24 hours—we were elated—and then we raised $85 the rest of the weekend. I’m not going to lie, I started to wonder if we were going to reach 5k. Not hitting goal is basically a death sentence for any crowdfunding project, and in my mind, 5k was always the absolute minimum we needed to raise to give this a shot. I never minded putting some money into this, but I could only do so much.

Luckily, that feeling of dread went away quickly as the campaign picked up. I consider anything over 10k a success, and where we ended up to be super-successful. I’m so thankful for everyone who believes in us and Clutch. If nothing else, we have proof of concept. People still have interest in a physical baseball card game.

All in, initial costs are going to reach nearly 20k after production, packaging, marketing, accounting fees, legal fees, and every-stupid government-fee-you-can-think-of. Pretty crazy right? Considering we aren’t licensing anything and I’ve logged multiple-thousands of dollars worth of “free” design hours. So yea, I’m happy with the campaign results.

We’re set-up extremely well for this year and the future. We can now invest more into marketing, concentrate on locking down wholesale/retail relationships, and work on building the mid season set. This leads right into talking about these two stretch goals in more detail


Scoring App Update

The app is nearly done. I received a working version of it last week. It’s more or less functional. It just needs some minor tweaks and account / game saving functionality added. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be available to you guys once pre-orders ship. Like we’ve mentioned before, this version is going to be a little bare-bones. You’ll be manually entering player names for now and that kind of thing. In the future we’ll get a player data base, advanced stats, roster builder, and all that fun stuff.

Mid-Season Set Update

We’re really excited about this set—more colors, legends, all-stars, and a whole lot more. Feel free to suggest your player additions on the forums over the coming months. We are going to try and lock down a USA printer for these, as the production/shipping time from China is just not realistic for this set.


Where are my cards!?

We can’t wait to to start getting these cards into your hands. They were ordered a week ago, so that leaves us with 2-3 weeks more production time and 1 week shipping time to us. After received, the cards will be packaged here in the USA. This will take an additional couple of days before we can ship to you.

Only a small percentage of our order is being express-shipped to us. The rest will not arrive for 5 additional weeks, as it is coming by sea and not air. We wont begin selling on our website or anywhere else until this second batch is received.  So that gives our backers over a month to have at the game early.

Until then, at least we’ve got some WBC and spring training to hold us over. Hopefully we can get around to live streaming a game or two this month as well.

This is actually happening…I did it mom!

Michael Bimonte

Co-Owner and Creative Director of Clutch. Current hockey/softball player and devoted Mets and NY Rangers fan. Made his first baseball card game nearly 10 years ago to play during study hall.

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