The Inaugural Clutch Baseball Tournament

A few weeks ago we released a blog detailing the ongoing Clutch Baseball Online League.  Now, we’re ready to announce that we will be hosting a Clutch Baseball tournament live and in person.  Get ready to watch the hope drain from your opponent’s eyes as you strike out his best player in the bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, bases loaded.

Official Details

  • Saturday, September 30th, 2017
  • Redcap’s Corner Official Site / Facebook
  • 3850 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Tournament begins at 1:00 PM. Check-in at 12:30.

Clutch moments will be coming to the city of brotherly love and we couldn’t be more excited. We searched through many game/hobby shops in the area, but when we saw the beautiful play space at Redcap’s we knew we had to have it.

Tournament Rules

  • Bo2 Swiss Format
  • All cards are legal except LE cards (Jose Fernandez, Ken Griffey Jr., David Ortiz, Kyle Schwarber, and Goatbusters)
  • Extra-innings will begin with a runner on 2nd so no one game holds the tournament up
  • RP/CP will be Tired for game 2 within a Bo2 if used in game 1 then reset each round
  • 25 man/6000 salary rosters w/ deck filled out beforehand and brought on game day available here
  • All other official rules are in place and can be viewed here

We considered all of the standard elimination-style formats.  Bo1, Bo2, Bo3, etc.  However all of them had certain issues.  With Bo1, we would have to randomly decide who was the home team, and that’s a huge part of building your deck in Clutch Baseball.  Bo2 allows a home/away series but relies on tiebreakers in case the match is split 1/1.  Bo3 provides the most competitive experience but simply takes too long.  The Swiss format allows for many more games without elimination while still maintaining the equal split of being home/away.  If you’re not familiar with this format, do some quick research to get yourself up to speed.

Tournament Sign-Up

  • Tournament Pass available on our website for $20
  • Includes “Competitor” lanyard, Tournament logo t-shirt, and 2 Limited Edition cards
  • Maximum 32 participants on a first come first serve basis
  • All items must be picked up at the event

At first we were hesitant to charge an entry fee because we wanted this tournament to be a “community appreciation” style event.  However, we only have so many spots available, and we didn’t want people signing up and then not showing up.  So we’re charge a small fee, but also adding in some really cool goodies.  These items will be available at the venue only to further ensure that we can have a solid turnout and a smooth event.  Included are two very unique cards of Phillies legends.  Steve Carlton is the first 8 inning pitcher and Mike Schmidt is the first 5 icon player!


Additional Information/Activities

Food and drinks will be provided.  Any and all are welcome to attend whether competing or not.  We will also be selling Clutch Baseball 2017 merchandise at a discount at the event and offering a “take a card leave a card” option.  If you have a double of any card, put it in the box and take out one of the same rarity (max 5 cards per person).  The next day the Clutch creators will be attending the last Phillies game of the season vs the Mets on Sunday, October 1st, at 3:05 PM.  All are welcome to meet up with us and enjoy a ball game as a community!