December Update

Merry Clutchmas

I’m going to continue to post monthly updates until Clutch officially drops; things are so busy right now that it’s much easier to address all news at once. We’ve had a lot of good feedback coming our way, and we’re extremely grateful for everyone understanding our efforts to work around licensing constraints. So anyway: let’s get into the important stuff.

Release Information

The good news is: we’re still on track. The plan is to open up preorders in mid-January through Indegogo with various perks. We hope that you will find preorders to be mutually beneficial. We’re looking to cover some of the initial production investment, while offering you exclusive items. I hate being vague, but we haven’t finalized the exact details–the January update will have concrete pricing, perks and dates.

Tentatively, we will be offering a set of 5 additional LE100 cards as the lowest perk- sneak peek below! The plan is to include David Ortiz and Ken Griffey Jr. Career Year Cards, along with Jose Fernandez and Kyle Schwarber cards that are not in the regular set. We’re also including 1 extra-special strategy card that will only be released through Indegogo. And we’re hoping to give away couple Beta sets with higher perks, among other things TBA.

Production Information

We’ve been making some progress on the production front. We recently unveiled the Official Game Mat. The good news is that they are in production! They measure 22×28 and come folded up on poster paper. They will be included in all “sets”. We have not determined smaller set sizes yet but we will be offering full 2017 sets (minus the Indegogo exclusives). They will also be sold separately on our site once we go live with independent sales.

Less exciting: the dice are on our way to us also. The Regular Die will be blue with white numbers, and the Power Die will be red with white numbers. These will have the same inclusion into sets as the Game Mats and extras will sell separately eventually.

All game instructions will be online to save on printing and allow us to continually update them. Sets will include a limited number of scorecards–after that you can download them and print them for free on your own or buy packs of 100 directly from us if you want them to be all fancy-like.

Packaging is all TBD. More than likely the cards will come in a printed box, and all the “accessories” will be in a separate attached box to save on production costs. We’re trying to go a little cheaper on the packaging since we will not be sold in stores initially.

Last but not least: cards. There will be 425-450 player cards (TBD)- with rosters locking in February. 70 Strategy cards and 30 Stadium cards that are all ready to go. I can tell you for certain we will not be offering packs at this time. It doesn’t seem to make sense for us or you. To keep some “rares” in the game we will be doing more limited run items in the future. For example, a LE All Star 2017 set will be released in the summer–possibly with an exclusive mat. We feel like this is the best compromise for people who want to collect and people who just want everything at once.

Right now we’re weighing our printing options. We’d like to have foil stamps on oil cards and holographic printing on some cards. As long as the numbers make sense it’s going to happen.

That’s about it for now– hang tight, we’re getting there. Feel free to ask any additional questions here or on social.

Michael Bimonte

Co-Owner and Creative Director of Clutch. Current hockey/softball player and devoted Mets and NY Rangers fan. Made his first baseball card game nearly 10 years ago to play during study hall.

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