Clutch Retailing

It’s time to finally discuss something that’s important to a lot of you guys – how you actually will be able to purchase the game.  We put a lot of time and thought into this.  We wanted to sell this game in a way that was fair and provided significant value to the buyer while obviously maintaining a profit so that there will be a Clutch Baseball 2018 and beyond.

There are three ways to purchase the game at launch: booster packs, starter sets, and full sets.  Booster packs contain 15 cards to add to your collection and improve your roster.  These boosters will contain guaranteed rare and uncommon cards to minimize the “gambling” aspect.  Starter sets contain everything you need to start playing: 50 cards, game mat, dice, and the quick play guide (the full rulebook will be available to view on our website).  There will be 3 versions available depending on what team and players you’re a fan of.  For the true collectors, we have decided to go against the grain when it comes to collectible card games and release a full set including every single one of the 500 2017 cards.  Some people enjoy the thrill of opening booster packs and seeing what they get, some don’t.  We hope to please both sides with the Clutch Baseball 2017 retailing options.

All cards will feature a matte finish with spot gloss, with rare cards also having foil stamping. For more information on pricing and pre-order perks click here.

  • 15 cards total
  • 11 player cards, 3 strategy cards, 1 stadium card
  • 1 rare card, 2 uncommon cards, and 12 common cards in every pack
  • Will be purchasable in bundles of multiple booster packs


  • 3 different starter sets: East, West, and Central (click here for player list)
  • 50 cards total
  • 25 player cards, 20 strategy cards, 5 stadium cards
  • 1 alternating rare player card, 16 uncommon cards, 33 common cards
  • Includes game mat, dice, and quick play guide
  • Full list of cards included will be listed on our website


  • 400 player cards, 70 strategy cards, and 30 stadium cards
  • 64 rare cards, 128 uncommon cards, and 308 common cards
  • Full list will be available on our website
  • Includes game mat and dice