Clutch Moments

Clutch Meters on Lester and Rizzo

Where were you when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016? Last week baseball fans around the world lived to see the Cubs win the World Series for the first time in 108 years. It was a moment we will tell future generations of baseball fans that we lived to see one of the most historic moments in baseball history. The historic Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs World Series drew the largest television viewership since the 2004 Red Sox broke the curse. Nothing draws larger crowds to baseball games than witnessing history. It’s why we love the game. Most true baseball fans, regardless of the team they root for, tend to have a great appreciation for the game that goes far beyond their favorite teams ring collection. We live to see moments like Kirk Gibson hobbling around the bases, Joe Carter jumping for joy, or the celebration outside Wrigley Field last week.  

Why should you play Clutch Baseball? For the Clutch Moments. Every game we have tested over the past few years, regardless of player age, brings out the raw emotion you would see during these historic baseball moments. Nearly each game their have been moments where I physically can feel my pulse increasing, anxiety, and adrenaline flowing. It actually feels like you are in control of everything. It gives you a different perspective that a video game would not. The biggest challenge I have experienced is the split-timing decision you must make, and live with. I have found myself second guessing a lot of decisions after results didn’t go my way. It’s one thing to watch a game on television and criticize the managerial decisions made, but this game challenges you with repercussions. 

The 2016 playoffs showed the world how baseball strategy is constantly changing. This postseason fans were shocked to see Andrew Miller, Cleveland Indians closer, enter the game as early as the 5th inning. Clutch Moments are becoming more important than the age-old cookie cutter setup-to-closer format used in previous years. We feel that this aspect of a revolutionized baseball strategy cannot be ignored. Our player cards have Clutch Meters that are based off a players ability to live up to their potential in Clutch Moments. Players who perform above their average statistics during “Clutch” situations will have a positive Clutch Rating. Some players may shock you! Many of the strategy cards are to be utilized in a Clutch Moment, or to factor in a player’s Clutch Rating.

So what’s a Clutch Moment? During the game a Clutch Moment occurs if the bases are loaded (any given time), or when the tying/go ahead run is at bat in the 6th inning or later. 

Sean Norberg

Co-Creator of Clutch Baseball. Grew up on Long Island, NY. Life-long Yankee fan, teacher, and coach.
Created his own cards as a kid using index cards and aluminum foil for holographic cards.