Clutch Baseball Online League: Summer 2018 Recap/Winter 2018 Preview

Clutch Baseball Online League: Summer 2018 (High Heat League)

Last month, the Clutch Baseball Online League: Summer 2018 season came to a conclusion. It was our third online league season, and by far the biggest and best one yet. To recap – Summer 2018 featured an expansion from 16 to 24 teams, divided into 2 coastal conferences, and 2 divisions within each conference. All stadiums were randomly assigned with a general geographical proximity in mind. What made this season so special was the relocation to a dedicated website – – where managers were able to pick the names, locations, logos, and colors of their teams, to add a personalized flair to every ball club. Without further delay, below are the standings and results from the Summer 2018 “High Heat” League.

Eastern Conference

Northeast Division

  • Connecticut Kings [Pittsburgh Park] (10-6)ʸ
  • New York Knights [Toronto Centre] (9-7)ʸ
  • Boston Clam Chowda [Baltimore Yards] (9-7)ˣ
  • Johnstown Imperials [Boston Park] (8-8)
  • Maryland Microbrews [New York (N) Field] (5-11)ʳ

Southeast Division

  • Gainesville Gingersnaps [ASG Florida Park] (12-4)ᶻ
  • Arlington Cannons [Tampa Bay Field] (10-6)ʸ
  • Bluffton Beach Bums [Washington Park] (8-8)
  • Virginia Neptunes [Atlanta Park] (7-9)
  • Richmond Hammers [Miami Park] (4-12)ʳ

Western Conference

Midwest Division

  • Chicago Luchadores [Cincinnati Park] (11-5)ᶻ
  • St. Louis Dingoes [Cleveland Field] (9-7)ʸ
  • Nashville Strix [Minnesota Field] (8-8)ˣ
  • Scottsdale Saltshakers [Detroit Park] (8-8)
  • Tennessee Platypi [St. Louis Stadium] (6-10)ʳ

Pacific Division

  • Arizona Shade [Arizona Field] (9-7)ʸ
  • Seattle Melonheads [Seattle Field] (9-7)ʸ
  • San Diego Armada [San Francisco Park] (8-8)
  • Seattle Cobras [LA (N) Stadium] (6-10)
  • Washington Avocados [San Diego Park] (4-12)ʳ

ᶻ Clinched #1 seed in conference
ʸ Clinched playoff spot via division
ˣ Clinched playoff spot via wildcard
ʳ Relegated to Minor Leagues

Once we had our 10 playoff teams, they were sorted into a single elimination bracket. Higher seeds had homefield advantage, and #1 overall seeds in each conference got a bye to the Conference Finals. All matches were Bo3, besides the World Series which was Bo5.

Eastern Conference Round 1
Boston Clam Chowda: 0 | Connecticut Kings: 2
New York Knights: 2 | Arlington Cannons: 0

Eastern Conference Round 2
New York Knights: 2 | Connecticut Kings: 1

Eastern Conference Finals
New York Knights: 1 | Gainesville Gingersnaps: 2

Western Conference Round 1
Nashville Strix: 2 | Seattle Melonheads: 0
St. Louis Dingoes: 1 |Arizona Shade: 2

Western Conference Round 2
Nashville Strix: 0 | Arizona Shade: 2

Western Conference Finals
Arizona Shade: 2 | Chicago Luchadores: 0

World Series
Arizona Shade: 3 | Gainesville Gingersnaps: 0

The first thing that jumps out from the playoff results is that 6/9 of the matches ended in sweeps, showing just how powerful momentum is in a series. The World Series champion, the Arizona Shade, swept 3/4 of their series, only dropping 1 game overall and finishing the playoffs 9-1.

The Arizona Shade found themselves playing coincidentally at Arizona Field. A domed field that is immune to weather effects, with fairly modest outfield dimensions, the stadium card creates a lot of GB’s off of the hitter’s chart. Because of this, manager James Rate decided to field an extremely high infield defense, which obviously paid dividends.

Congratulations to manager James Rate and the Arizona Shade for claiming Clutch Baseball immortality! Check out the Arizona Shade twitter here where you can keep up with all the happenings of the team –


Clutch Baseball Online League: Winter 2018 (Polar Power League)

For our fourth upcoming Online League, we are expanding from 20 to 26 teams. However, they will be split into two different leagues for the first time – the Major League and the Minor League. The Major League features 16 teams and a 20 game season, with a fairly standard Bo3/Bo5 single elimination playoff tournament. The Minor Leagues will feature 10 teams, with a 12 game season, and a double elimination playoff tournament for the playoffs, based on seeding from the regular season. All stadiums were randomly assigned to managers within both leagues.

Major League

Red League East

  • Hartford High Rollers (formerly Seattle Cobras) [ASG Washington Park]
  • Arlington Cannons [Minnesota Field]
  • Vermont Monarchs (Formerly New York Knights) [Pittsburgh Park]
  • Johnstown Imperials [Tampa Bay Field]

Red League West

  • Arizona Shade [Philadelphia Park]
  • San Diego Armada [Montreal Stadium]
  • Chicago Luchadores [New York (A) Stadium]
  • St. Louis Dingoes [Dinger Town]

Blue League East

  • New England Nightmare (formerly Connecticut Kings) [St. Louis Field]
  • Virginia Neptunes [Miami Park]
  • Boston Chowda [Kansas City Field]
  • Gainesville Gingersnaps [Washington Park]

Blue League West

  • Scottsdale Saltshakers [Atlanta Park]
  • Seattle Melonheads [Los Angeles (A) Field]
  • Michigan Bombers [Detroit Park]
  • Nashville Strix [Big Red Machine]

The interesting aspect of the Major/Minor League division is the new relegation system. The bottom teams of all 4 divisions will be relegated to the Minor League for Summer 2019. The top 4 teams from the Minor League will be promoted to the Major Leagues in Summer 2019. Some teams have already been relegated from the Summer 2018 league. Every game will matter, even if you aren’t playing for a playoff spot! All Minor League teams also have a Major League affiliate to help guide them through the season, from building teams, to playing online, to managing their team within the website.

Minor League

Eastern Conference

  • Maryland Microbrews [Colorado Field] [Johnstown Imperials]
  • Richmond Hammers [San Diego Park] [Arlington Cannons]
  • Bluffton Beach Bums [Cincinnati Park] [Scottsdale Saltshakers]
  • Queens Redbirds [Cleveland Field] [Vermont Monarchs]
  • Cleveland Titans [Baltimore Yards] [Michigan Bombers]

Western Conference

  • Tennessee Platypi [Seattle Field] [Gainesville Gingersnaps]
  • Sunset Beach Humpbacks [ASG Miami Park] [Nashville Strix]
  • Washington Wombats [Toronto Centre] [Seattle Melonheads]
  • Manchester Moonshiners [Houston Park] [St. Louis Dingoes]
  • Phoenix Cactus Wren [Boston Park] [Arizona Shade]

And there you have it! This will surely be an amazing season, and we here at the Clutch team can’t wait to see what these talented and studious managers have up their sleeves. Make sure to check out to keep up with all the action in both leagues!