Clutch Baseball 2018 Announcement

Almost one year ago today, pre-orders for Clutch Baseball 2017 went live on Indiegogo.  We set out with a goal of $5,000, raised more than $16,000, and the rest is history.  Since then thousands of players have joined our community, placing orders, interacting with us on social media, discussing strategies on our forums, and more.  Last week we released a teaser image which showed our road-map for the 2018 season.  In this blog we will give you the specifics on what and when is coming in our sophomore season.


Speed has been changed from 5(D)/10(C)/15(B)/20(A) to 4(E)/8(D)/12(C)/16(B)/20(A)
Reasoning: We found it a little too difficult to move around the basepaths with mid to lower tier Speed players.  We feel that 20(A) players are in a good spot, but the player roster in general needed a slight bump.  Note: only the slowest players will be rated 4(E) so as mentioned, the average speed of all players will increase.  Slight salary adjustments will be made for E (obviously) and D players as opposed to last year.

1B Defensive Range has been changed from 1-3 to 0-2
Reasoning: Outfield defense currently maxes out at 13, Battery at 14, and Infield at 16.  We want to make Infield a little more in line with the former two, and again this goes back to players having difficulty moving around the basepaths.  +0 Defense, similar to E Speed, will be reserved for the lowest few players in the statistical category.  Mostly DH’s that don’t provide much with their glove the few times they play the field outside of your typical ground ball outs and pick-off attempts (which they already do automatically in our game).  Slight salary adjustments have also been made regarding defense with +0’s (obviously) being cheaper than the current +1 and +4/+5 will also be slightly more expensive as we round out the formula.

Icon salary has been changed from 30/20/10/0 per icon to 30/15/0 within specific groups
The logic for a decreasing icon salary is that many strategy cards contain multiple icons, and you only need one to trigger the effect.  Therefore, you don’t want to overpay for excess icons.  But we realized that the strategy cards we have can only group certain icons with other icons.  So the groups for 2018 are: 1) MVP/HR/SL/RBI, 2) MVP/W/K/SV/HL, 3) SB, 4) GG, 5) AS.  For the most part, this will not have a significant effect across the board, but it’s just cleaning up a small facet of the game we found to be imprecise.

Other changes:

  • +0 Clutch has been removed.  Slight Pitcher Clutch Salary adjustments to be in line with Batters.
  • RP IP Salary increased.  They will now pay 50% more than SP do for additional innings due to the greater proportionate increase in usability.
  • Walk rates for Batter’s charts have been slightly increased across the board.


Six releases throughout 2018 – 3 Sets and 3 LE

2018 Main Set – April 1

  • Includes 400 Player Cards (with a focus on getting as many new players not represented throughout 2017 as possible), 70 new Strategy Cards, and 30 Stadium Cards
  • Two new Icons for Batters/Pitchers: RBI & Hold
  • Two new Strategy Cards: Manager & Weather
    • Manager
      Playable at the top of any inning and last for both the top and bottom of the inning.  Manager cards have different effects whether on Offense or Defense and center around player decisions.
    • Weather
      A dice roll will determine how long the card’s permanent Stadium-like effect will last.  Closed Stadiums (retractable or not) will not allow Weather Cards to be played and will be noted on the Stadium Card.

2018 Mid-Season Set – August 1

  • Includes Montreal Legends, 60 All-Star cards, new Strategy and Stadium Cards, and more players that were not in the Main Set as opposed to 2017

2018 Generations Set – December 1

  • Includes Classic Players from the 1990’s/2000’s along with late season call-ups/top prospects from the end of the 2018 season.  Next year will feature Classic Players from the 1970’s/1980’s, and so on.

2018 LE Releases

  • Valentine’s Day LE – February 1
  • Memorial Day LE – June 1
  • Post-Season Heroes – October 1


Player Cards
All new design featuring 10+ player silhouettes, new look Clutch icons, and a bolder city skyline moved to the foreground

Stadium Cards
Updated and adjusted design now featuring the ballpark dimensions and outline

Strategy Cards
New designs for Manager and Weather cards in new color schemes (purple and green respectively)

  • All cards will be printed on a superior cardstock that is both more sturdy and better accepting of ink and coloring
  • Updated Booster, Full Set, and Starter Set packaging design



  • All 2018 sets, including Mid-Season and Generations, will be purchasable as one complete set
  • New Starter Combo Lite: Includes the contents of one full Starter Set + the cards of a second Starter Set in one box for $29.99
  • 2018 Full Set price lowered from $139.99 to $129.99

As of today, all 2017 items are now 50% off MSRP.  Look forward to more news and a preview of the Valentine’s Day LE cards very soon!