Cards have been ordered!

Today is a huge day for Clutch Baseball–we’ve just officially placed our order for the cards and uploaded all of the final files. Hopefully we can hit 10k today as well and make this a super special day. Have we mentioned how thankful we are yet? We’re truly thankful to everyone who has helped us get here, and an extra special shout out to those who took time to check over our work and help find a few errors.

This is an example of UV highlighting on a card. It’s basically impossible to mock up on our cards, so here’s a real-life example.

On to the important stuff: the general turn-time is 3-4 weeks for printing and 1 week for shipping. I’m hoping it will be a little quicker than that. Our order is pretty straight forward, minus the UV Coating and Foil Stamping. I’m crossing my fingers for 3 weeks as a realistic possibility to receive them.

The packaging and everything else has already been printed in the US and will be packaged together with the cards here as well. We hope to start getting orders out in the order they were received, within a few days of getting the cards in-hand.

I know there is some confusion of what the cards will look like, so I’m going to try and clear that up here. Don’t take this literally–the black represents the areas that will have a UV highlight / Foil Stamp. This is essentially what I had to create for every single card to hand off to the printer so they know what to do.

This is a representation of what every rare card will look like (assuming they don’t deny any pieces because they’re too small). Every area shown on the left will be foil stamped in silver. The only reason why the On-Base number is not being foil stamped is because silver on white would not show up and 2 foil colors gets pricy. So we’re just UV highlighting that portion.

All common/uncommon cards will have UV highlighting ONLY. Their names will not be UV highlighted, nor will their rarity icon. Otherwise the same areas will be highlighted. Strategies and Stadiums have similar UV highlighting. Hopefully this makes some level of sense. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or on the forums.

If you haven’t ordered yet–you still have until the end of the month to get in on the fun. All orders before our Indiegogo campaign expires will be shipped during our early release.

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