Can’t Miss Clutch Cards: Strategy Cards

Today I’ll be filling in for Sean for this latest blog in the “Can’t Miss Clutch Cards” series.  The 2017 Strategy cards are the part of Clutch Baseball that I’m most proud of.  We realized early on that we had something great going on as nearly all of our play testers said that these cards were the best part of the game.  Strategy cards allow you to take the reigns of your team as a manager, going beyond the statistics of your players to truly change the game.  We have painstakingly designed, tested, and redesigned all 70 cards in our inaugural set.  They had to be fun and impactful, yet balanced and fair.  I want to go more in-depth regarding some our Offense, Defense, and Neutral strategy cards.  I’m also going to include “honorable mentions” for cards that I feel are especially powerful/interesting/fun to use.


My favorite card to play on Offense is Hit And Run.  This is an uncommon card, meaning you can have 2 in your deck.  Just in general I’m super aggressive on the base paths and love to get guys into scoring position.  Hit And Run can be played before an at-bat where there is only one runner on 1st base.  Depending on the result of the at-bat, several different scenarios can play out (as you can see on the card pictured).  However what you really need to know is that 3/5 scenarios are beneficial for the offense, 1/5 is neutral, and 1/5 is potentially bad news.  Just based on those numbers alone I’ll take the odds any day (even though obviously not all scenarios are equally likely), but seeing as you don’t have to discard a card, and even that last scenario can work out if you have a speedy runner on 1st, it’s a fantastic card to me.  Going against a pitcher with a low K-range just sweetens the pot.

Honorable Mentions: Back, Back, Back, Hot Shot/Baltimore Chop, Good Jump, Late Inning Fireworks, Meatball Masher, Reading The Ball


Digging Deep is a card that doesn’t seem like much at first glance.  You can play it before a pitch in which your pitcher is tired, and it gives you +1 to the pitch and removes the tired aspect.  If you have the SV or W icons, you can also draw 1 card if your pitcher scores an out.  Not bad, but you’re probably thinking it’s not that great for a rare card.   First thing’s first, like Hit And Run you don’t have to discard a card to play Digging Deep.  I’m always a fan of low opportunity cost cards.  Then it removes the tired condition, which gives you +1 Command back.  This also changes the swing from a power die to a regular die roll, which is mathematically about -2.  So on Defense you’ve net yourself +3 to the pitch/swing in a sense, plus the upside of potentially drawing a card. Therefore to me, this card should be in most decks and if you’re using pitchers with the SV or W icon it’s a must have.

Honorable Mentions: Crowd On It’s Feet, Diving Up The Middle, Fast Worker, Pitch Around, Quickdraw, Throwing Gas, Web Gem


In my opinion Instant Replay is the most powerful card in the game, simply due to how flexible it is in so many different situations.  It allows you to +/- 1 to any roll, from a pitch, to a swing, to a defensive throw, or a defensive play.  The main uses are obvious – lower your opponent’s roll or increase your own.  However you can really get creative from this.  Raise your opponent’s roll from a K to a GB and turn a double play.  Or lower your own roll to turn a 1B into a BB to wear out the opposing pitcher.  On top of this if you have one of the 4 MVP cards in the set you get an additional boost, turning +/- 1 into +/- 2.  With Mike Trout up to bat and Instant Replay in your hand, you’re looking at a 15 OB with a 17+ HR.  That’s a monster.  You’ll have to discard 1 card no matter what, but this card is without a doubt worth the cost.

Honorable Mentions: Challenge Flag, Deja Vu, Scouting Reports, Not Without A Fight

Hope you liked this edition of “Can’t Miss Clutch Cards.”  Comment  below and let us know which are some of your favorite Strategy cards to use in your deck!