Calling All Ghouls to the Clutch Halloween Contest


One of our original LE Sets dropped last Halloween, featuring Vlad The Impaler (Vlad Guerrero), Brandon Webb, and what has now become a fan-favorite strategy card: Curse of the Black Cat. Didn’t get a chance to get your hands on these spooktacular cards last year? You have one more chance!

New to Clutch and want to check out all of the old LEs? Head over to our new LE Archive. I hear there is some interesting stuff on the bottom….

We’re holding 2 social media contests from now through Halloween (10/31/18)

The contest is split into two age groups
Major League: 15 and up
Little League: 14 and under

The rules are the same for both age groups:
Send us your best Clutch Baseball picture! This can include playing Clutch, a photo of a card somewhere, a photo of you (or your kids) wearing Clutch gear, or anything else! Be creative! You do not need to have a fall/Halloween theme in your photos, but I hear the judges award extra points for that. We will pick our favorite for each category and the winners will receive 1 full set of the 3 Halloween 2017 cards.

Submit your photos by tweeting @ClutchCards, or tagging @ClutchCards on instagram or facebook. You may also choose to privately message them to us on any social media platform or email them to

THE FINE PRINT: Once you have submitted a photo to use, we may post it on social media now or on the future.

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