2018 Pre-Order Bonus Cards

With our 2017 release last year we created 5 LE cards as pre-order bonuses for early adopters.  Retiring David Ortiz, Hall Of Fame inductee Ken Griffey Jr., post-season hero Kyle Schwarber, gone too soon Jose Fernandez, and the Goatbusters strategy card to signify the end of the 108 year “Billygoat Curse”.  Our LE cards have since become a signature item and a fan favorite. We keep trying to up the ante on these releases, and we think you’ll agree that this set is another must-have.

So let’s get into it—this year, with any pre-order over $75 you’ll score the following 5 LE100 holographic cards: Ivan Rodriguez, Jeff Bagwell, Roy Halladay, Shohei Ohtani, & Dinger Town. There will not be any variants associated with this set, but expect to see them make a triumphant comeback in the TBA Memorial Day LE set, as they were met with overwhelmingly positive reviews. We do, however, have a new surprise in this set, so read on to find out all the details.

Ivan Rodriguez
As you know, Pudge were inducted into the Hall last July, which also earned him an induction into this set. Our first LE Catcher will feature 4 icons from his 1999 Career Year. In this MVP season, Rodriguez batted .332 with 35 Dingers—but what you probably didn’t know or forgot about is his career-high 25 stolen bases. That figure is tied for 6th all-time in the modern era among catchers. Pudge never stole more than 10 bases in any other season. He also managed to ground into an unsightly 31 double plays in ’99. This, among other statistics, leaves him with a respectable (for a catcher) 12 Speed. While he didn’t finish in the top 5 in his league in any major offensive category, his ability to do everything on a division winning team, while playing the game’s most grueling defensive position, truly made him the most valuable player.

Jeff Bagwell
Join us in welcoming the first 6-Icon card, and perhaps greatest Connecticut athlete of all time to the show. Bagwell, who was also be inducted into the Hall last year, had an absurd 1994. In just 2/3 of a season he put up more than enough stats for a great full season. When he finished the strike shortened year with a .750 slugging percentage, he became only the fourth player in history to accomplish such a feat—the other three being Ruth, Gehrig & Hornsby. Bagwell carries a hefty 785 salary, but with an OB of 14L+2 and a 19+ HR, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth. After a championship run amidst tragedy last year, it’s only right that we’ll be introducing our first LE Houston player.

Roy Halladay
We can only hope that next year we don’t have another inclusion of a fallen legend. Doc will be memorialized in this set by his 2003 Career Year. While this was only Roy’s 3rd highest WAR season, it was his highest in Toronto and his first Cy Young campaign. He would go on to win another Cy Young in Philadelphia amid a stretch of dominance from 2008-2011, making him one of only six players to win the award in both leagues. This leaves the door open for a Philly Career Year card someday in the future. We definitely wanted this one to be a Toronto season though—which will also be the first of such limited editions.

Shohei Ohtani
Time to get into the wacky stuff. The most hyped Japanese import since Ichiro, Ohtani is special for one main reason—he can bat and pitch at equally high levels. Something so rare really required us to think this one through, and we think we’ve put together a solid solution. The Shohei Ohtani card will be double-sided, featuring him as a SP on one side and a DH on the other. This is our first DH card, as we found it unlikely he would play the field much, or be subbed in after a start in real life. These stats combine to form one salary number, but count as only one person in your 25-man roster. His card is also representing the city of Hokkaido in the Japanese NPB, accompanied by this international skyline. Note: only 1 side (SP) will be holographic due to printing restraints.

Dinger Town
The 2017 season broke the record for most total homeruns between all teams. 6,105 dingers were hit, shattering the old record of 2000’s 5,693. To symbolize this, we have created a “fantasy” stadium with a custom skyline and our most unique effects to date. Dinger Town limits both players to a 6 card hand limit for strategy cards, but allows you to increase your hand limit by 1 for every HR hit by a player with the HR icon, adding insult to your opponent’s injury.


Remember, these cards will be limited to 100 sets and will ship free with any pre-order of the 2018 main set $75 and above. Stay in touch with us on social media @clutchcards for more information on when pre-orders go live.
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