2018 Packaging Design + Info

Coming into this off-season and prepping for 2018, I was looking forward to getting a chance to update and improve our packaging more than anything else. I’m sure most of you have already peeped it on our shop page, but since I’m really excited about it, I’m going to explain some of the improvements here so you know what to look forward to.

Full Set
In my mind, the full set packaging was what needed the biggest improvement. Last year, we designed the size of the full set sleeve around the size of a set from our original printer. When those cards were less than optimal and we switched printers, the full set sleeve size was too small because of a difference in card thickness and shrink wrapping that adds up over 500 cards. This year the sleeve will go around a cardboard box that will also contain the 2 pairs of die and quick-start guide. A mat will still be shipped separately, as we still will not be folding the mat small enough to fit inside of this box (the paper quality would have to be compromised and all of those folds make for a difficult playing experience).

Starter Set
On the flip-side, I thought our Starter Set packaging from 2017 was the most on-point of everything. That’s why we’ve kept the same box dimensions for 2018. The box will contain all of the same items as last year and be presented basically the same, except the cards will be in 1 shrink-wrapped deck this time around. The box itself has some improvements for retail, including a more detailed description and image of game play on the back.

Remember—there’s no rotating rare this year but these will still be available in 3 varieties: East, Central, & West. Although this isn’t really a packaging note, I’m very excited to say that we have “themed” the Starter decks this year. This means that you will not just be getting more or less “randomly” put together teams in each set; Each deck fits a different theme: East: Power Pitching, Central: Defense & Speed, West: Power Hitting. The included Strategy decks will also be relevant to the players in your Starter, allowing for more competitive games right out of the box.

Booster Box
I’m probably more excited for these to show up in the mail than the cards themselves. You’re going to want to pick one of these up just for the wicked-cool box. As you can see, it’s a completely re-designed shape that features a cutout in the front and on top. This will be a huge upgrade for our retailers as well.

Booster Packs
Besides an updated front image, the booster packs will stay mostly the same for 2018. We know they can be a bit hard to open but they serve their purpose and look good doing it.

Let us know what you think of our 2018 packaging and improvements!

Michael Bimonte

Co-Owner and Creative Director of Clutch. Current hockey/softball player and devoted Mets and NY Rangers fan. Made his first baseball card game nearly 10 years ago to play during study hall.

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