2018 Clutch Championship Tournament Recap

From Saturday, September 29th, to Sunday, September 30th, the 2018 Clutch Championships took place in Hartford, CT. Within those two days were some awesome games, intense strategy, great laughs, and of course plenty of “clutch moments.” The tournament was structured as follows: 12 teams, divided into two groups of 6, with each team submitting their selected home stadium about two weeks in advance. Day 1 featured round robin matches within the groups to determine seeding for Day 2, with results posted below:

Group A

  • Mike Alberts [Detroit Park] (4-1)
  • David Hernandez [Cleveland Field] (3-2)
  • Aaron Baral [Big Red Machine] (3-2)
  • Brendan Maxon [ASG Washington Park] (2-3)
  • John Wern [Dinger Town] (2-3)
  • Julian Leite [Baltimore Yards] (1-4)

Group B

  • Robert Maxon [New York (A) Stadium] (5-0)
  • Mike Barent [Atlanta Park] (4-1)
  • Tony Alberts [ASG Washington Park] (2-3)
  • Navarre Moore [Milwaukee Park] (2-3)
  • Patrick Burke [Boston Park] (2-3)
  • Adam Baral [Big Red Machine] (0-5)

Because there were 5 group matches, all teams played 2 games at home, 2 on the road, and 1 at a neutral site (no stadium card was used). Moving into Day 2, a modified double elimination bracket was used to determine the champions. #5 and #6 seeds started the day facing off in an instant elimination game in the loser’s bracket. #3 and #4 seeds clashed to see who would advance through the winner’s bracket and who would be dropped down to the loser’s bracket. #2 seeds had a first round bye before entering the winner’s bracket, and #1 seeds were granted byes for the first two rounds.

Ultimately, the results from Day 1 held true throughout the knockout stages. #5 and #6 seeds were eliminated within the first two rounds, eventually leading to a semi-finals of #3 vs. #1 seeds. Aaron Baral and Mike Alberts faced off from Group A, and Tony Alberts played undefeated Robert Maxon to gain a championship berth from Group B. Ultimately both #1 seeds survived, leading to a one game championship of Mike Alberts @ Robert Maxon. Mike was able to win the game fairly comfortably at 4-0, with Robert only have a few chances throughout the match that ultimately fizzled out.

And there you have it, Mike Alberts from Johnstown, PA is your 2018 Clutch Championship winner! A huge thank you to everyone who came out, and until 2019, stay clutch!

Final Standings
1st: Mike Alberts
2nd: Robert Maxon
3rd/4th: Tony Alberts, Aaron Baral
5th/6th: Navarre Moore, Brendan Maxon
7th/8th: Mike Barent, David Hernandez
9th/10th: John Wern, Adam Baral
11th/12th: Julian Leite, Patrick Burke

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