Generations Set 2019 Details

Back in January of this year, we released our 2018 Roadmap, detailing our scheduled releases throughout the coming months. From the Valentines Day LE Set, to the Main Set 2019, to the Memorial Day LE Set, to the Mid-Season Set 2019, to the Post-Season Heroes LE Set, and now finally we have saved the best for last. The Generations Set 2018 will feature 100 cards, with some of the greatest players and moments from the 1990’s and 2000’s featured. For all past player and strategy cards, we’ve designed an entirely new look based on a vintage baseball card.  But before we jump to the full card list, there are a few caveats to go over:

  1. Any pre-order of $79.99 or more will receive the 3 Ultra-Rare pre-order exclusive cards for free, automatically added to their order.
  2. The set will be sold in two ways – full sets (100 cards) for $79.99, and booster packs at 4/$19.99.
  3. Booster packs include 10 cards – 2 Rare, 3 Uncommon, 5 Common.
  4. All 20 Rare cards will feature silver foil lettering akin to the Main Set.
  5. Full Sets will only feature silver foil lettering Rares.
  6. Booster packs however, will have a chance of containing different variants for the 15 Rare player cards.
  7. Variants will contain full holographic foil akin to the LE Sets. They will also feature a different color scheme.
  8. On top of this, for each 15 Rare players, there will be a 1/1 “super variant” with an even different color scheme and nicknames replacing the standard player name.
  9. These “super variants” will also be done in full holographic foil.
  10. The chance of a variant is about 25%, with the chance of a “super variant” being around .05%.

    From left to right: Standard, Variant, Super Variant

These changes have been made after the success of this year’s LE Sets. We’ve noticed that we have two types of customers – those who simply want every card in the most efficient manner to give them the best odds of victory, and those that enjoy hunting out and collecting rare and special cards. With this style of distribution, we feel we have catered to both parties, and allowed you guys to collect Clutch in whichever way you prefer. Now without further ado, I present the full card list for the Generations Set 2018:

Ultra-Rare (3 Cards)

  • Jim Abbott (1991) (Los Angeles [A])
  • Deion Sanders (1992) (Atlanta)
  • Old New York Stadium (Stadium)

Rare (15 Cards)

  • Barry Bonds (1993) (San Francisco)
  • Frank Thomas (1994) (Chicago [A])
  • Barry Larkin (1995) (Cincinnati)
  • Greg Maddux (1995) (Atlanta)
  • Hideo Nomo (1995) (Los Angeles [N])
  • Ken Caminiti (1996) (San Diego)
  • Roger Clemens (1997) (Toronto)
  • Larry Walker (1997) (Colorado)
  • Chipper Jones (1999) (Atlanta)
  • Billy Wagner (1999) (Houston)
  • Randy Johnson (2002) (Arizona)
  • Eric Gagne (2003) (Los Angeles [N]
  • Johan Santana (2004) (Minnesota)
  • Ryan Howard (2006) (Philadelphia)
  • Alex Rodriguez (2007) (New York [A])
  • The Flip (Defense)
  • Highway Robbery 2.0 (Defense)
  • Into Orbit (Offense)
  • The Slide (Offense)
  • Clueless Joe (Neutral)

Uncommon (30 Cards)

  • Doug Drabek (1990) (Pittsburgh)
  • Tom Glavine (1991) (Atlanta)
  • Rod Beck (1993) (San Francisco)
  • John Olerud (1993) (Toronto)
  • Craig Biggio (1994) (Houston)
  • David Cone (1994) (Kansas City)
  • Mo Vaugh (1995) (Boston)
  • Gary Sheffield (1996) (Miami)
  • Tino Martinez (1997) (New York [A])
  • Juan Gonzalez (1998) (Texas)
  • Bernie Williams (1998) (New York [A])
  • Rafael Palmeiro (1999) (Texas)
  • Jason Giambi (2000) (Oakland)
  • Todd Helton (2000) (Colorado)
  • Jeff Kent (2000) (San Francisco)
  • Mike Piazza (2000) (New York [N])
  • Alfonso Soriano (2002) (New York [A])
  • Barry Zito (2002) (Oakland)
  • Mark Prior (2003) (Chicago [N])
  • Jim Edmonds (2004) (St. Louis)
  • Manny Ramirez (2004) (Boston)
  • Scott Rolen (2004) (St. Louis)
  • Miguel Tejada (2004) (Baltimore)
  • Chris Carpenter (2005) (St. Louis)
  • Andruw Jones (2005) (Atlanta)
  • Jason Varitek (2005) (Boston)
  • Derek Jeter (2006) (New York [A])
  • Magglio Ordonez (2007) (Detroit)
  • Jake Peavy (2007) (San Diego)
  • Jimmy Rollins (2007) (Philadelphia)

Common (50 Cards)

  • Cecil Fielder (1990) (Detroit)
  • Chuck Finley (1990) (Los Angeles [A])
  • Paul Molitor (1991) (Milwaukee)
  • Paul O’Neill (1991) (Cincinnati)
  • Kevin Appier (1993) (Kansas City)
  • Jack McDowell (1993) (Chicago [A])
  • Fred McGriff (1995) (Atlanta)
  • Mike Mussina (1995) (Baltimore)
  • Tim Wakefield (1995) (Boston)
  • Robin Ventura (1996) (Chicago [A])
  • Sandy Alomar Jr. (1997) (Cleveland)
  • Livan Hernandez (1997) (Miami)
  • Brad Radke (1997) (Minnesota)
  • Al Leiter (1998) (New York [N])
  • Kerry Wood (1998) (Chicago [N])
  • Shawn Green (1999) (Toronto)
  • Roberto Hernandez (1999) (Tampa Bay)
  • Kevin Brown (2000) (Los Angeles [N])
  • Johnny Damon (2000) (Kansas City)
  • Troy Glaus (2000) (Los Angeles [A])
  • Jose Vidro (2000) (Washington)
  • David Wells (2000) (Toronto)
  • John Smoltz (2002) (Atlanta)
  • Mike Lowell (2003) (Miami)
  • Trot Nixon (2003) (Boston)
  • Juan Pierre (2003) (Miami)
  • Roy Oswalt (2004) (Houston)
  • Andy Pettitte (2005) (Houston)
  • Jorge Posada (2007) (New York)
  • Torii Hunter (2009) (Los Angeles [A])
  • Greg Allen (2018) (Cleveland)
  • Victor Arano (2018) (Philadelphia)
  • Jesse Biddle (2018) (Atlanta)
  • Ryan Borucki (2018) (Toronto)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (2018) (Toronto)
  • Ronald Guzman (2018) (Texas)
  • Scott Kingery (2018) (Philadelphia)
  • Tzu-Wei Lin (2018) (Boston)
  • Jeff McNeil (2018) (New York [N])
  • Francisco Mejia (2018) (San Diego)
  • A.J. Minter (2018) (Atlanta)
  • Shohei Ohtani (2018) (Los Angeles [A])
  • Edgar Santana (2018) (Pittsburgh)
  • Caleb Smith (2018) (Miami)
  • Andrew Suarez (2018) (San Francisco)
  • Lou Trivino (2018) (Oakland)
  • Hector Velazquez (2018) (Boston)
  • Alex Verdugo (2018) (Los Angeles [N])
  • Jesse Winker (2018) (Cincinnati)
  • Ryan Yarbrough (2018) (Tampa Bay)

When selecting these pre-order exclusive cards, we had to find something that was unique. If the player was just really good, chances are they were already in the set. Jim Abbott threw a famous no-hitter in 1993, but his best year was actually 1991 over in California. Jim is of course best known for being a one-handed pitcher, and his success despite this physical disability has been an inspiration for all. Deion Sanders is best known as an All-Pro NFL cornerback, however he also reported to Spring Training nine times throughout his career, cementing himself as one of the greatest athletes of our generation. Finally, there is no doubt that the team over in the Bronx was the team of the 90’s/early 00’s. And they were known for spending big money, which is why we’ve created Old New York Stadium and its unique effect.

Strategy Cards
The 5 strategy cards within this set feature some of the most amazing and memorable moments of the era, brought into Clutch Baseball for you to relive. “The Flip” pays homage to Derek Jeter’s miraculous flip to home after an errant throw in the 2001 ALDS vs. Oakland. “Highway Robbery 2.0” is a new twist on a beloved card, allowing for a LF/RF to try and steal a HR instead of your CF, inspired by Endy Chavez’s “The Strength To Be There” catch vs. St. Louis in the 2006 NLCS. On the offensive side, “Into Orbit” recalls Albert Pujols’ towering shot vs. Brad Lidge in the 2005 NLCS. Even though St. Louis would go on to lose the series, the HR famously “broke” Brad Lidge for several seasons. We also have “The Slide” which pays homage to Sid Bream’s photo-finish at home plate for Atlanta in the 1992 NLCS vs. Pittsburgh. And finally, “Clueless Joe” was a nickname given to Joe Torre for years throughout New York tabloids. Apparently 4 WS wins and 6 appearances in 8 years isn’t enough for some people.

Rookie Cards
Included in this set are 20 Common cards of 2018 rookies, fitting the “Generations” title. These cards will grant you a glimpse into the possible stars of tomorrow, and give you some options for the back end of your lineup, bench, bullpen, or rotation.

The Generations Set 2019 is our most ambitious project to date. Relive the players, moments, and memories of your childhood within the fast-paced and strategic gameplay only Clutch Baseball can provide. Who are you most looking forward to rostering? Do you remember where you were during any of these iconic moments? Let us know in the comments section below! Remember, pre-orders go live on Friday, November 16th!