Black History Month 2019 Limited Edition Set Details

Clutch Baseball is back for 2019 and so are our signature LE sets! February is Black History month, and we’ve selected 4 African American legends to honor their history in the game. All standard (non-variant) cards feature a first look at our 2019 card design. Along with being the first Clutch cards of the new year, the 2019 Limited Edition Black History Month set will bring with it a few firsts of its own: the first variant editions of a Stadium card, the first 9-inning Pitcher and the first appearance of the new Run icon.

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson made his Major League Baseball debut. The color barrier had been broken, and the game was changed forever. By the end of 1947, Larry Doby, Hank Thompson, Willard Brown, and Dan Bankhead had all made their Major League debuts, with Roy Campanella and Satchel Paige soon to follow. Jackie Robinson’s debut was a catalyst that opened doors across the league, and it’s no coincidence that the popularity of America’s pastime soared to new heights in the decades that followed. This new Limited Edition Clutch Baseball set honors players who made their mark in an era where the athleticism necessary to earn their spot on the field was topped only by the courage they displayed in taking it.

LE Format / Distribution

This set will feature 5 cards sold in blind packs. Each pack contains 1 version of the 5 cards featured in the set: Jackie Robinson, Bob Gibson, Ernie Banks, Satchel Paige, and the Brooklyn Field stadium card. Variant editions of each card will feature a “42” theme, and special 1/1 editions of each card have been designed with a Brooklyn-themed Baby Blue color scheme. The odds of getting each version of the player cards are as follows:

Standard: 99/142   |   42 Variant: 42/142   |   Baby Blue Super Variant: 1/142

The packs will be limited to 142. The player variants are statistically identical – the difference is purely cosmetic. Packs will be completely random, so you could theoretically get 2 variants in 1 pack. The packs will cost $19.99 (you can purchase a max of 5) or are added free with any order $49.99 or more. (one free item per $50 spent in total) All regular items will qualify except black history LE cards and gift cards. Pre-orders begin on Monday 1/21 (MLK Day) and will begin shipping the following week.

Jackie Robinson (1949): In 1947, Jackie Robinson made his debut, batted .297, stole 29 bases, and won the NL Rookie of the Year award. It would have made for an excellent card. But two years later, he batted .342, stole 37 bases, and won the NL MVP award. Which makes an even better Clutch card! Incredible On-Base, maximum Speed, positive Clutch, a great chart, and five icons make Jackie Robinson a perfect player to lead off the 2019 Clutch season with.

Ernie Banks (1958): “Mr. Cub” may have taken his trademark “Let’s play two!” catchphrase to heart in 1958 & 1959, because he played two back-to-back seasons in top form, winning the NL MVP award both years. For this Clutch card, ’58 barely edged out ’59 (during both of which he ended up leading the NL in RBI’s and batting over .300) because Banks also led the NL in Homeruns that year. Making a strong case as one the best hitting Shortstops the game of Clutch baseball has seen, Ernie Banks gives this Limited Edition set a massive power boost.

Bob Gibson (1968): For sixteen years, all as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, absolute dominance is what Bob Gibson brought to the mound. A nine-time All-Star and two-time World Series champion, Gibson won two Cy Young Awards and in 1968, he won the NL MVP award as well. The 1968 season was dubbed “The Year of the Pitcher,” and Gibson was leading the powerful pack of pitchers. He set a live-era record with an ERA of just 1.12, which was also an all-time record for a season with 300+ innings pitched. Of his 34 games started that season, 28 were complete games, and 13 were shutouts. That stamina is what brings us the first 9-inning pitcher in the game of Clutch baseball — not only the most expensive Pitcher in the game at 950 pts (beating out the next closest, Maddux, by a whopping 145 pts), but the most expensive Clutch card ever produced. You’ll get what you pay for though if you find a way to get Gibby into your rotation, because this card is pitching perfection.

Satchel Paige (1952): While the greatest seasons of Paige’s career may have come long before his age-42 MLB debut with the Indians, and while some of his final stats lines may not fully capture the impact he made once he arrived, he was still a force to be reckoned with. Capturing his 1952 season with the St. Louis Browns, this 3-inning reliever card with strong Command and only 1 mistake roll is sure to find his way into many bullpens in 2019.

Brooklyn Field: Long-time home of the National League team now living in Los Angeles, fans at this ballpark witnessed 45 years of baseball history first-hand, including the debut of Jackie Robinson in 1947. Add a little history of your own with this new Stadium card that allows you to bring along a couple extra cards in your strategy deck to help do so, as well as being the first way to take advantage of the new Runs icon (which both of the hitters in this set have!) This will also be the first Clutch stadium card to feature numbered variants editions, so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

So there it is – the 2019 Black History Month Limited Edition set. Comment here or contact us on social media @clutchcards to let us know what you think! Are you hoping for a variant or standard limited edition player? Which two cards will you add to your Strategy deck at Brooklyn Field? Will you find a way to fit Bob Gibson into your rotation? Remember: pre-orders begin Monday, January 21st!

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