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Let’s talk about Clutch Baseball, as of 2019. There are a lot of cards now. Years worth of Base Sets, Expansion Sets, Limited Editions, Pre-Order Bonuses, and Promos. But the game is also growing faster and further than ever, with more and more people looking to make the leap from sitting in the stands to becoming Manager of their own Clutch team. For them, one question may be the most important one: “Where do I begin?” Well, the answer is… right here!

Each year, we assemble three pre-built teams of 25 Players, a deck of Strategy cards and a handful of Stadium cards, and package them up with everything you need to play: a Clutch Ballpark Play Mat, 2 die (standard d20 and Power Die), and a Quick-Start Guide. These become our Starter Sets. Each one has a theme, and each one is a great way for any new (or experienced) Manager to get into the game. It’s how many of us started (myself included) and what many of us recommend to new players who want to get a feel for things. So without further ado, let’s check out all three Starter Sets for 2019! …okay, maybe a bit more ado. Because this year, we’re not just creating three Start Sets, we’re creating four! Time to learn all about them.



Power. Finesse. Speed. Agility. These are the tools that separate the best baseball players from the rest. For Managers, taking a group of those players and shaping them into an elite team is the ultimate measure of greatness. Think you’re up for the challenge? This year we’ve carefully crafted a complete team around each of these tools. Every team falls under the 6000 point salary cap, with a collection of accompanying Strategy Cards and Stadium Cards tailored to make the most of your team’s biggest strength. All four sets will contain everything a Manager needs to play — the Clutch Ballpark Play Mat, 2 die, and Quick-Start Guide are all included. The only thing left to do is choose your favorite of these four pre-built play styles, and take your first steps into Clutch Baseball history. Want to see what each team has in store for you? Keep on reading!

Meet the Fireballers: a team built around a lights-out pitching staff that will keep every game under control. Ace starting Pitcher Justin Verlander leads a rotation that includes David Price, Patrick Corbin, Kyle Hendricks, and Cole Hamels, and reliever Wade Davis ready to close out any game necessary. Their offense is no slouch either though, with hitters like the speedy Starling Marte, Gold Glove Catcher Yadier Molina, and hard-hitting Justin Upton to help secure the win. Use new Strategy and Stadium cards like Ace in the Hole, Bridging the Gap, and Baltimore Yards to make the most of your pitchers.

Defense wins championships, right? The Defenders are putting that theory to the test, with defensive powerhouses like Anthony Rizzo, Ender Inciarte, Andrelton Simmons, Salvador Perez, Ian Kinsler, and Zack Greinkeall of whom carry the Gold Glove icon and the maximum Defense for their position. New Strategy Cards like Bang Bang and Alex Cora and the new Texas Park Stadium Card will help ensure your shutdown defense has the tools it needs to succeed.

To the warning track… to the wall… GONE! Another home run for the Sluggers! This team is built to win through sheer power, and big batters like Khris Davis, Francisco Lindor, Joey Gallo, and Matt Carpenter have enough power to fuel this juggernaut offense a few times over. Supplement this collection of long-ballers with pitchers like Wade Leblanc, Yoshihisa Hirano, and Tommy Hunter to help deliver the victory, and new Strategy Cards and Stadium Cards like Meat Ball Masher 2.0, Pulled It, and Detroit Park to give those pitchers the run support they need to lock it up.

Don’t blink, or you might miss the Speedsters, who dash through the game with a small ball style powered by lightning-fast baserunners. Fast-paced superstars like Trea Turner, Javier Baez, and Mallex Smith tear up the basepaths so that heavier hitters like Charlie Blackmon and Cody Bellinger can drive them in and generate runs inning after inning. Starting Pitchers like Miles Mikolas, Mike Leake, Andrew Heaney will keep things in check while they do, while Strategy and Stadium Cards like Round ‘Em Up, Muddy Track, and Milwaukee Park will keep the Speedsters rounding the bags all game long.

Full Starter Set contents (Player, Strategy, and Stadiums Cards) are available on the Starter Set shop page(s).


Each Starter Set comes with:

  • Complete 25-Player team (2 Rare, 6 Uncommon, 17 Common)
  • 22-card Strategy Card deck (1 Rare, 7 Uncommon, 14 Common)
  • 3 Stadium Cards (1 Uncommon, 2 Common)
  • Suggested Lineup Card
  • Clutch Ballpark Play Mat
  • 2 Dice (one 20-sided die, one 24-sided Power Die)
  • Quick-Start Guide

Starter Sets can be purchased individually for $19.99, in any combination of two different teams for $34.99, or in the HOME RUN! bundle of all four Starter Sets for $59.99. ON SALE NOW!

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