Clutch Baseball 2019 Series 2 Details!

We’re a few months into the year now — teams are built, games are happening, leagues are underway, Managers are showing off their hits and clamoring for more — and just like all of you, we’re in prime mid-season form. The Clutch Team has been firing on all cylinders to keep the momentum going with a mid-season set bigger and bolder than ever before. We explained earlier this year that rather than the traditional mid-season All-Star set, with 50 or so players that varied only slightly from their base set counterparts, we would be extending the base set across two additional expansions, well as throwing in some extra spicy goodies along the way. This year’s mid-season set is the first of those expansions, and today we’re going to take a look at what will be coming your way this year.


Clutch Baseball 2019: Series 2

In the past, a mid-season set consisted of about 100 cards; 60 All-Stars, 25 new players, and 5 legends, 8 strategy cards, and 2 stadiums. Some of the All-Stars were great, most weren’t much different from their base set versions aside from a new icon. The new players were fun, but often relied on unusual data sets. The biggest highlights though were usually the legends and the new strategy cards. This year, we’re blowing most of those numbers away. The total number of cards in this year’s series 2 set has been expanded to 170! And, not only has the card total been expanded by 70 cards in 2019, thanks to the efforts from Team Clutch’s Supply Chain Superstar Nick G., we’ve managed to do so without raising the cost of the Series 2 set any higher than what previous expansion sets retailed for. Here’s how the 170 card Series 2 base set will break down:


  • 140 new players, which combined with Series 1 expand the 2019 base player set to 540 players total. The players in this set are primarily guys who either signed too late to make the S1 cutoff, like Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, players who just barely missed the cut to make it into the 400 players selected for S1, or depth and role-player type guys who will continue to help make 2019 the most flexible and balanced set ever. Each rare player (7 pitchers, 7 hitters) will each be available in both the 1/9 Shadow and 1/1 Spectrum variant forms as well!


  • 28 new Strategy Cards, 8 Rares and 20 Uncommons, bringing the total (along with LE strategy cards) to over 100 new strategy cards in 2019 alone. We want every Manager to be able to build the perfect deck for their team, so we’ve jam packed this set with a variety of strategy cards. Some play into specific archetypes, many tie in to the AS icon and theme, and some of them, well, are just a bit silly (in all the best ways).


  • 2 new Rare Stadium cards, both tied in to this year’s All-Star game, one highlighting the current host stadium, and one highlighting a stadium that housed this year’s home team in the past, and both with an All-Star “Tribe” Theme.

The full Series 2 base set will include all 170 base set cards.


But that’s not all! This year’s “All-Star” set won’t be without some All-Stars of its own. In fact, there will be 30 Ultra-Rare “insert” players inserted throughout booster packs of Series 2, broken out across three mini-sets of 10 players each. We’ll reveal the exact player lists in the very near future, but they will be divided up into the following:

  • 10 Cleveland Legends inserts, featuring 10 of the greatest players to ever play for the Tribe, all with a special “Tribe” theme, and each limited to 60 holographic copies.

  • 10 Clutch: Generations inserts, building on last year’s Generations set and featuring 10 all-time great from across baseball history. These will also be limited to 60 foil-stamped copies each, and like last years set, will feature both a 1/9 holographic variant with a color scheme paired to the decade each player is from, along with a 1/1 variant of each as well.

  • 10 2019 Clutch All-Star inserts, chosen by you, the Clutch community. That’s right, rather than pick and choose which players are given All-Star editions ourselves, we’re putting the power in the hands of Managers like you. 10 players will be selected from a pool of nominees based on your votes, printed into 60 holographic copies of each, and randomly inserted into packs. Stay tuned for details on All-Star voting, coming soon!


Each booster pack in the 2019 Series 2 set will contain one of either an insert player (each a 1/60 LE) or a variant edition of one of the rare players in the base set or the Generations players (1/9 or 1/1 LE), meaning every pack contains something special!

Series 2 pre-orders will begin on Sunday, June 16th (6/16) at 6:16 EST (3:16 PST), and will be available in the following formats:

  • Full Set ($79.99) – contains all 170 series 2 base set (140 Player cards, 28 Strategy cards, and 2 Stadium cards).
  • Booster Packs ($14.99-$44.99) – Available in quantities of 3, 6, or 12 packs. Each pack will contain 1 ultra-rare card (either an insert card or a variant). Packs with Variants (odds are 1:6) will contain 1 Ultra-Rare Variant Player, 1 Rare, 4 Uncommons and 9 Commons. Packs with Inserts (odds are 5:6) will contain 1 Ultra-Rare Insert Player, 2 Rares, 4 Uncommons and 8 Commons.
  • Booster Boxes ($64.99) – Available in two varieties: 24 Series 2 Booster Packs, or 12 Series 1 Booster Packs and 12 Series 2 Booster Packs. Packs with Variants (odds are 1:6) will contain 1 Ultra-Rare Variant Player, 1 Rare, 4 Uncommons and 9 Commons. Packs with Inserts (odds are 5:6) will contain 1 Ultra-Rare Insert Player, 2 Rares, 4 Uncommons and 8 Commons.


There will be a very limited number of Premium Complete Sets — these include the entire 170 card base set, as well as each of the 30 limited edition insert cards — available as well. These will be limited to 20 total sets, and will be available in the Clutch Baseball Shop for $129.99.


Plus, a limited edition 5 card bonus set for Pre-Orders! Details about the 5 cards included in this set will be previewed right here on the Clutch Blog next Friday, 6/14.


Stay tuned to Clutch Baseball here and on all social media outlets, where we’ll be revealing the players in the Limited Edition Insert sets and previewing new base set player and strategy cards over the next few weeks, and be sure to visit on Sunday, June 16th at 6:16 EST to pre-order Clutch Baseball 2019 Series 2!

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