2019 Series 2 Insert Previews – Clutch: Generations! (Part 1)

The Clutch: Generations sets feature some of the greatest players in MLB history. The players chosen for this year’s 10-card insert set are no different. Today, we’ll take a look at five of the ten players randomly inserted throughout the Series 2 set, and the remaining five will be revealed tomorrow. Each of these players will also be available in variant form, with an alternate color scheme based on the decade their card represents. For a preview of those, be sure to watch the episode of Bottom of the Clutch posted at the end of this preview. Now, let’s get things kicked off with a trip back to the 50’s… 



Roy Campanella

The cards in this year’s Clutch: Generations inserts set literally span generations, and we’re starting things off 66 years in 1953 with one of the greatest catchers in the history of the game. After spending eight years in the Negro leagues, the Dodgers signed “Campy” to a contract in 1946 (shortly after signing Jackie Robinson) and for a while considered electing to have him break the color barrier. He ended up following Jackie to the majors the year after it was broken though, in 1948, and was a force to be reckoned with from the start. His greatest season though came in 1953, where he batted .312 with 41 HRs and a league-leading 142 RBIs and went on to become the National League MVP. This is the season represented here in the 2019 Clutch: Generations set, with 13-to-14 On-Base, 4 outs, a 19+ home run roll, positive Clutch, 8 Defense, and 3 icons.



Eddie Murray

Elected to the Hall of Fame in 2003, Eddie Murray spent the majority of his career (1977-1988) with Baltimore. The accolades he collected there were among the best in franchise history. He was a Rookie of the Year winner, made 7 All-Star appearances, became a 3-time Gold Glove winner and a 3-time Silver Slugger winner, and won a World Series ring along the way. His best season was arguably 1983, the same year he collected that ring, although despite a .306/.393/.538 slash line, 111 RBI’s, 115 runs, a Gold Glove award and a Silver Slugger award, Murray finished second in MVP voting to teammate Cal Ripken Jr. That season is used for Steady Eddie’s 2019 Clutch: Generations card, where this switch-hitter will collect hit after hit with a power-friendly chart, 3 versatile icons, and the maximum +2 defense at first base.



Ellis Burks

Lost in the shuffle of superstars in the 90’s were some true diamonds in the rough, such as journeyman outfielder Ellis Burks, who played for 5 teams over his 18-year career. His achievements don’t stack up against the likes of Griffey, Bonds, and Walker — just 2 All-Star appearances, a Gold Glove award, and a couple of Silver Sluggers — but he was a consistently good hitter. He began his career with Boston, and ended up back there in 2004 in a World-Series winning year, but his best season came as a member of the Colorado squad in 1996. That year, he led the National League in runs, total bases, extra-base hits, and slugging, along with an All-Star appearance and a Silver Slugger award, but he finished 3rd in MVP voting behind the big bats of 2018 Clutch: Generations hitters Ken Caminiti and Mike Piazza. This new batter card could win some awards of its own though, with just 3 outs, an 8+ Single and 15+ Double, a 19+ home run roll, 2 icons, positive Clutch, blazing fast speed, and a sneaky +2 On-Base against lefties.



Tim Lincecum

Depending on your age, a lot of these Clutch: Generations players may have been before you time. But if you’re reading this, you probably know why “The Freak” deserves a card in the Clutch: Generations set. He helped lead San Francisco to three World Series championships in five years. He won back-to-back Cy Young awards. He led the NL in strikeouts in three straight season. After debuting in mid-2007 and being shut down early to avoid strain, Tim Lincecum spent his first full season in 2008 putting up insane numbers, and followed it up with another crazy-good season in 2009, leading to him becoming the first pitcher to win the award in his first two full seasons. The 2008 season was the one chosen for this Clutch: Generations card, and the result is a SP card that seems almost lab-created. 5 Command for 7 innings, with 3 defense, +1 Clutch, a huge K range, no natural 2B or HR on his chart, a single Mistake roll, and 3 pitching icons, all for 555 points? Sign. Me. Up. If only there were an equally effective reliever available at a great value to help close those games out…



Rich “Goose” Gossage

For 22 years, across 9 teams, Goose Gossage spent his career pioneering the role of “dominant closer.” He led the AL in saves 3 times, won a World Series in 1978, was chosen as an All-Star 9 times, and recorded the final out to clinch a division, league, or World Series title seven times. He relied primarily on his blistering fastball, known to top 100 MPH, and finished his career with 1502 K’s to go along with 310 saves. 1978 was the year he won a World Series, with New York, and it was the season chosen for this Clutch: Generations card — and what a card it is. 5-to-6 Command, 1 Mistake roll, 18 outs, 4 Defense, and the Saves icon, all for 305 pts. Which seems like a decent enough value of its own, but Goose was known for multi-inning saves, and it shows: he can also close out a game over multiple innings, thanks to his 2 IP limit.



To take a look at each of these players’ alternate color schemes, check out Bottom of the Clutch here:



2019 Series 2 inserts will be randomly distributed throughout Series 2 booster packs. Pre-Orders begin Sunday, 6/16 at 6:16 PM EST. For more details, check out the Series 2 preview here. Come back tomorrow for a look at five more Clutch: Generations inserts!

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