2019 Ballpark Exclusive “Legacy Moments” Promo Set

Last year we released a three-card Promo Set that captured the energy and excitement every baseball fan felt while watching the chase to 61 (or more) home runs in the late 90’s. Even fans who didn’t care about Chicago or St. Louis tuned in to see Sosa and McGwire chase that record, because those are the stories that transcend the love of a single team or player. Whether it’s the consistent day-to-day dominance required to put together one of the best hitting or pitching seasons of all time, or a lightning strike of a year that culminates in a single magnificent postseason run, there are highlights, achievements, records, performances, and unforgettable moments that rise above the game and ensure a player’s legacy will live on in baseball history forever. This year’s second annual Open Edition “Ballpark Exclusive” Promo Set will bring some of those Legacy Moments to the game of Clutch Baseball in 2019.

Before we get to the goods…

What is an “Open Ended Promo Set”? How do I get these?

This is considered a Promo Set because these cards will be distributed as freebies only. The plan is to give them away at ballgames, card shows, and other events throughout the year, and over the course of the year they will be made available as purchase incentives, prizes, and/or giveaways. All opportunities to receive them will be announced on our Social Media, including in-park appearances.

New players will receive a “regional” card based on where they are being distributed, but if you find us out and about and already know and love the game, just let us know and we may just hook you up with more!* The set is considered Open Ended because unlike traditional Limited Edition cards, these aren’t limited to a certain number of printed copies. They’ve also got a modified card back with information about the game. Okay, enough blah-blah-blah, let’s get to the good stuff!

* While supplies last, of course.


CC Sabathia (2009)

In December of 2008, New York signed newly-crowned Cy Young winner CC Sabathia to a seven-year, $161 million contract — at the time, the largest contract for a pitcher in history. It didn’t take long to pay off though, because in 2009, Sabathia helped lead the team to a championship, finishing 19–8 with a 3.37 ERA, 197 strikeouts in 230 innings, a 1.15 WHIP, 21 Quality Starts, and his 19 wins were tied for the most in the major leagues that year. This led up to a monstrous postseason; in five postseason starts, Sabathia went 3–1 with a 1.98 ERA in ​36 1⁄3 innings with 32 strikeouts and limiting hitters to a .209 batting average.

Having recently announced his upcoming retirement following the 2019 campaign, we’ve decided to take the pivotal role he played in securing his first (and New York’s 27th) championship and bring it to Clutch Baseball this season. This gives us a Starting Pitcher card with 4-to-6 Command and the Wins icon who can throw for 7 innings. Let’s see what sort of legacy you can create with this lethal-against-lefties southpaw before he says goodbye to New York one last time.


Luis Gonzalez (2001)

In 2001, Gonzalez was a machine living in the shadow of monsters. His 57 home runs would have been national news most seasons, but in ‘01 the headlines and highlight reels belonged to Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds, whose respective 64 and 73 home runs left “Gonzo” sitting at third in the majors. He did manage to finish second in the league in hits though, with 198, and collected an All-Star appearance and won a Home Run Derby along to the way to a most improbable postseason run with Arizona. After eliminating St. Louis and Atlanta, they squared off against a heavily-favored New York ball club, whom they forced to a decisive game 7 at home. With the game tied, the bases loaded, and one batter away in the bottom of the 9th inning, Gonzalez faced a menacing threat on the mound: 2019 Hall of Fame inductee Mariano Rivera, who had never blown a save in a World Series before. Gonzalez defied the odds though, swinging at Rivera’s 0-1 pitch and hitting a game-winning bloop single into left field that brought Arizona their first World Series championship.

Previously released as a Limited Edition card for participants in the Clutch Official Online League, Luis Gonzalez becomes the first Limited Edition player to be updated and reproduced for wider distribution. The lefty slugger’s 15 On-Base should lead to lots of opportunities to take advantage of a powerful batter’s chart, with 4 outs and a 19+ home run. Make the most of that, along with Gonzo’s 4 icons, to help inject some serious power into your lineup and lead your team to a championship!


Tom Seaver (1969)

In 1969, Seaver and the National League side of New York won their first World Series championship. Seaver won a league-high 25 games and his first Cy Young Award, and garnered the second-most votes for the MVP Award. Seaver rode his 2.21 ERA, 1.039 WHIP, and 208 strikeouts all the way to the World Series, where he pitched a 10-inning complete game for a 2-1 win in Game Four to help New York take home their first championship.

Lead your own team to a big win with a big season from Clutch Baseball’s version of Seaver’s ‘69 campaign, who instantly becomes one of the most dominant pitchers in the 2019 Clutch Baseball season. His 6 command over 8 innings, with 1 mistake roll and 3 icons, will make Seaver a worthy Ace at the top of any rotation.


Hank Aaron (1957)

In 1957, “Hammerin’ Hank” Aaron won the NL MVP Award, after batting .322, and leading the National League in home runs and RBIs, with 44 and 132 respectively. The then-Milwaukee franchise would go on to win the NL pennant after a two-run game-ending home run, and ride that momentum all the way to a World Series championship win over the reigning champions in New York.

Now you can “Hammer” your way through an opposing pitching staff in Clutch Baseball with this mighty addition to your offense. Hank Aaron has no weakness — he’s got above-average On-Base, only has 3 outs, he singles, doubles, and hit home runs more easily than most hitters, he’s got decent speed, can play anywhere in the outfield with +4 defense, has positive Clutch, and oh yeah, also has five icons to help you rack up accolades the way Aaron did back in the 50’s and 60’s.

Stay tuned as the season progresses to find out exactly where, when, and how you can find these Ballpark-Exclusive Legacy Moment Promo Cards and add them to your Clutch Baseball collection!

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