2019 Polar Power LE Set

For the 2019 Polar Power League the Michigan Bombers took down Arizona Shade three games to one.

Joel Zumaya

Dude was a rockstar, literally, he got hurt playing rockband (not really, but he never copped to the real story). Everybody loves Adam Ottavino in Series 2 for his cheap icons and 18 outs, well Zumaya is only a little more salary but massively better.

Kiki Cuyler

Y’all remember the 1925 season right? For you that don’t this dude was a beast. Cuyler had a .357 batting average, hit 26 triples and stole 41 bases. Rostering a 700+ player is tough, but this card is going to have you asking “Kiki do you love me?”


Mark Grace

First base is a tough position in Clutch because there are so many good options to choose from. This card graces us with another wonderful option. You gotta love a 12 on base card with a R+2 bonus, and only 365 salary. the 21+ HR is a little off putting but his +1 clutch makes up for it when you really need that extra juice.

Matt Slagle

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