2019 Clutch Series 3 Insert Preview – Postseason Heroes

2019 Postseason Heroes:



October 8th, 1956:

In Game 5 of the World Series, Don Larsen tossed the only perfect game in postseason history. The Yankees would win the World Series in 7 games, and Larsen would take home the MVP. Make Clutch history of your own with this 8 IP, 1x, 24+ HR postseason legend for an affordable 420 salary.







October 14th, 1905:

Domination. Complete domination. Christy Mathewson tosses 3, yes 3, shutouts in the Fall Classic. Mathewson finished off the series with a complete game shut-out in Game 5. His World Series stat line was a ridiculous 27 IP, 13 H, 0 ER, 18 K’s with a 3-0 record. Go the distance with this 9 IP card that rocks the W/K icons, with a ceiling-high 26 HR+. This top of the line SP is taking his talents from New York to San Francisco.







October 28th, 1989:

Pair this dominant closer with the rest of the 80’s Athletics (Canseco & McGwire).Eck closed out the World Series sweep, polishing off an insane year on the back of the baseball card. This may be debated as the best RP card in the history of Clutch. 8 command with a righty plus 1, 19 outs, SV icon, positive clutch, and solid defense for 400 salary.







October 21st, 1975:

Stay fair, stay fair! Relive one of baseballs most iconic moments with this hitting friendly catcher. Fisk’s 14+1 on base is accompanied along with a 3 out chart, natural home run, and a triple result on his chart for a respectable 615 salary.







October 27th, 2004:

The day the curse was finally broken. In one of the most Clutch performances in baseball history, the Red Sox broke the curse of the Bambino. After trailing 3-0 behind the New York Yankees, the Sox won 8 straight games in route to a sweep in the World Series. After Roberts stole that base in game 4, Big Papi walked it off in back-to-back nights into the record books. Use this postseason icon with 3 icons, +2 clutch, 16+ extra base hit chart, 3 outs, and 13 r+2 on base. Honestly, 585 salary seems like a bargain for this postseason hero.






October 18th, 2005:

Hope you saved your “Into Orbit” strategy card! Finally, you can hit that ball in Houston that’s still orbiting earth. Usually when your team fails to reach the World Series, the postseason performance is usually forgotten about. But this Pujols home run was so ridiculous, it engraved itself into Clutch Baseball eternity. This icon monster is a right-handed machine, that will surprise you with his 16 speed. Can you fit him under the salary cap?







October 26th, 2002:

Trailing 3-2 in the World Series, the Angels found themselves down 5-0 in the bottom of the 7th inning. Enter the Rally Monkey and Scott Spiezio. Spiezio hit a 3-run home run, to lead the 5-run comeback in game 6. John Lackey would pitch well in Game 7, and the Angels would upset Barry Bonds and the Giants. Use this corner infielder, switch hitting, 5 out chart, 12 L+2, and +3 CLUTCH monster for a mere 350 salary.







October 26th, 1991:

Although Jack Morris’s Game 7 shutout, and Larkin’s walk-off hit stole the spotlight… Kirby Puckett’s Game 6 walk-off home run in the 11th set the table for it all. Relive one of baseball’s most exciting Postseason Classic’s of all-time. Puckett can take advantage of lefties, while owning CF with the GG icon.

Sean Norberg

Co-Creator of Clutch Baseball. Grew up on Long Island, NY. Life-long Yankee fan, teacher, and coach.
Created his own cards as a kid using index cards and aluminum foil for holographic cards.