2019 Clutch Series 3 Insert Preview – Generations 2000’s

Bret Boone (Seattle, 2001)

Boonie is the first to snag the nickname over his brother. Boone is very well rounded card. Solid +4 defense, 12 L+2 onbase, 3 out chart, 3 icons, positive clutch, and singles on a 7. Mostly importantly, he’s rocking the natural HR. His 590 salary puts me on the fence. I’m not sure if I want to spend that much for a batter with an on base of 12 against righties and speed C. Other than those two things though, he’s a pretty solid card at a tough position. Take advantage of the icons and he’s certainly worth it.

Sammy Sosa (Chicago-N, 2001)

Trying to hit 60 dingers? Look no further than Slammin’ Sammy, who is a natural HR hitter with his 18+ chart. He’s everything you want in a corner outfielder. Perfect defense, 4 icons, MONSTER power, and a 3 out chart. I think you’d be willing to live with the -1 clutch, and speed 12. You just have to be ready to break the bank.

Vladimir Guerrero (Washington, 2002)

In 2002, Vlad was living in the shadows of Barry Bonds and Albert Pujols. This card will do the same. It’s not an MVP season, and he only has 1 icon. Although it was still one of Vlad’s stronger offensive seasons. Mediocre speed and defense may make this card blend in with all the other generations monsters, but he’s still a pure hitter with his 3 out chart, natural HR, and 14 on base.

Joe Mauer (Minnesota, 2009)

This this a Clutch card, or an MLB The Show cover? Mauer Power will go down in Clutch history with his 760 salary catcher card. He has the 3 iconic icons (MVP, SL, GG), a 2 out chart, and 16 on base against righties. But can you stomach that salary for a 19 single result on his chart? Take advantage of instant replay, and make that natural HR possible.

Sean Norberg

Co-Creator of Clutch Baseball. Grew up on Long Island, NY. Life-long Yankee fan, teacher, and coach.
Created his own cards as a kid using index cards and aluminum foil for holographic cards.