2019 Clutch Series 3 Insert Preview – Generations 1960’s

Norm Cash (Detroit, 1961)

A 17 on base vs. righties you say? 2 out chart? For a salary under 700? Sign me up. Stormin’ Norman doesn’t have a natural HR, but I’ll take the 18 double and 20 triple. Solid +2 defense at 1b, and he’s even a speed C. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but he’s a 22 going home with 2 outs. That’s much better than a 14 like most first basemen.

Ken Boyer (St. Louis, 1964)

Ken Boyer’s card doesn’t show much pop for an MVP, but his solid +4 defense is what you want at the hot corner. He won’t break the bank at 545 salary, for an MVP. Utilize his icons, or positive clutch to make up for his 22+ HR.

Hoyt Wilhelm (Chicago-A, 1964)

Hoyt Wilhelm is a perfect mix of old-school and new-school. His 2 IP is a managers dream in 2019, with the save icon to add the cherry on top. If you don’t want spend Eckersley or Gagne salary, look no further than Old Sarge. He doesn’t have an 18 out chart, but you will feel safe with power die rolls since his HR is 25+.

Sean Norberg

Co-Creator of Clutch Baseball. Grew up on Long Island, NY. Life-long Yankee fan, teacher, and coach.
Created his own cards as a kid using index cards and aluminum foil for holographic cards.