2019 Clutch Baseball Series 3 Preorder Bonus Cards!

Series 3 is here and when you spend at least $50 (shipping and taxes don’t count towards the $50) on an order between November 1st and 3rd you will receive a five card pre-order bonus. The set is a limited edition set so once they are gone, they are gone. Each of the four player cards will have a LE 9 and LE 1 variant.

The theme of this series pre-order set is “Rookie Sensations” an amazing rookie year that was either followed up by injury or a unspectacular career.

Mark Fidrych

Fidrych had an amazing rookie year with Detroit in 1976 winning the Rookie of the Year award and placing second in Cy Young voting. He had a 19-9 record with a 2.34 ERA, and in 29 starts he had an insane 24 complete games. His lack of icons makes him one of the cheapest 8 inning pitchers in Clutch. He is also one of a few pitchers with a 1-2 K range, so you are going to want to make sure your outfield defense is ready for all the fly balls he will give up.

Mark Eichhorn

1986 was Eichhorns first full season in the big leagues, and perhaps he was ahead of his time because in 69 games out of the bullpen he had 14 wins. To put that in perspective he was close to being the first Clutch reliever to have the “W” icon, instead we will have to settle with a K icon instead with his SP/9 a crazy 9.5. Eichhorn is the newest addition to the two inning relief pitcher with 18 outs. Tampa Bay Stadium is calling his name.

Bob Hamelin

Tony Gwynn and the Expos weren’t the only players who were on the short end of the stick in the strike shortened season of 1994. Hamelin had a great start to the ’94 season with 24 home runs and a .282 batting average. It was enough to win him Rookie of the Year honors, but in the four season he played in the majors after the strike he couldn’t find the same magic. The worst part of his chart is the five outs, but put him in New York (A) Stadium and that fifth out will be re-rolled when playing at home.

Fred Lynn

Of the four guys in the set Lynn had by far and away the best over all career putting together a 17 year career, and that career started off in the best way possible winning the Rookie of the Year and MVP award his first full season in the majors. He is a great leadoff hitter with a nice blend of speed, low outs, and low doubles.

London Stadium

We have rookie players and a rookie stadium. Across the pond the London Stadium played host to the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, 2019 was its first year hosting Major League Baseball and there will be another series in 2020. The stadium card acts as another Fast Worker, adding to the pitchers innings pitch with a 1-2-3 inning. It will also be a great park to use a power pitching staff that has a lot of MVP and W icons.

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