The results are in: Clutch Baseball 2019 All-Star Winners revealed!

The votes are in and the winners have been selected!

With no further ado, here are the top 10 vote-getters for the 2019 Clutch All-Star Contest:


1st Place: Justin Verlander (79.3%)

It’s not hard to see why Justin walked away with the top spot here, this immediately becomes one of the strongest SP cards ever printed!



2nd Place: Cody Bellinger (69.6%)

Cody’s 16 On-Base, 2-out card with a killer chart barely edged out the 3rd place finisher in the final hours to become the top-voted batter card.



3rd Place: Josh Bell (66.3%)

The hard-swinging switch-hitter from Pittsburgh offers a lot of power at an affordable cost, so it’s no surprise he finished so high!



4th Place: Lucas Giolito (54.3%)

The second-highest finisher on the pitching side of things is one of the year’s most improved players, and is well-deserving of the praise he received during the voting period.



5th Place: Ryan Pressly (51.1%)

The only reliever to make the top 10, but he’ll be a killer addition to any bullpen. 7 Command against righty batters and *9* Command against lefties and switch-hitters, with 19 outs? Wow!



6th Place: Tim Anderson (45.7%)

Our second winner from the south side Sox, Tim Anderson is one of the most fiery players in the game right now, and this card is no different.



7th Place: James McCann (43.5%)

Chicago gets another representative here in James McCann, a catcher with above-average On-Base and a great contact hitter chart.



8th Place: Matt Strahm (41.3%)

Clutch Baseball favorite makes the leap from reliever to starter with this new All-Star pitcher card. He may not blow away as many batters as Justin Verlander, but the middle of your rotation needs some love too, and that’s where Strahm will shine.



9th Place: Gary Sanchez (39.1%)

We’re getting to the portion of the contest where the margins between winners and just-misses got tight, but the masses have spoken and Gary Sanchez’s raw power has made the cut.



10th Place: Matthew Boyd (37.0%)

Less than a single percentage point separated 10th and 11th place, but a late surge is sending the infamous “Mayy” Boyd to the All-Star set, further cementing his name in Clutch Baseball history.



11-15th Place

To show you how close this vote was, here are the next five finishers in the results.

11th: Ketel Marte (36.1%

12th (tied): Joc Pederson (35.0%)

12th (tied): Eddie Rosario (35%)

14th: Zack Greinke (34.1%)

15th: Luis Castillo (33.9%)


For more in-depth discussion of the winners, check out the latest episode of Bottom of the Clutch on YouTube!

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the voting process! We’re excited to bring you these and all the other inserts in the 2019 Series 2 set. Stay tuned, because we’ll be previewing 5 more of these insert cards for each of the next 5 days!


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