All Star player card v. Main Set player card  


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19/08/2017 3:03 pm  

I have Altuve and Trout as my 1-2 hitters in my lineup. I got their All Star variant card and have been going back and for over which version is "better".  Curious to hear what you guys think and if you have any examples of All Star cards that are obviously better than the main set version.

Altuve loses an icon, L+1, but gains +1 clutch, 3B at 21 and salary is 40 fewer points on his All Star card.

And Trout loses 2 icons, but gains+1 clutch, salary is 40 fewer points, but his 3B and HR roll increases by 1 on the All Star card.

I kept the main set Altuve card because I have many more strat cards that benefit from his main set SL and SB icons and rolling a power die doesn't happen super often so having that 3B 21 isn't super valuable.

I also kept the main set Trout card in my line up, but this was a little closer of a decision. The All Star version he is much harder to get out (1-3, versus 1-4) his triple and HR result stays on the regular die (3B 19 and HR 20+) his clutch is +2 and he is cheaper.

For me the main set card for Altuve and Trout will stay in my line up because I only have a few AS strat cards. But I am curious what you think.

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20/08/2017 11:20 am  

I prefer regular Trout by a longshot. That one out and one clutch advantage isn't worth losing 3 icons and tripling/homering 1 number higher. Especially when the gap is only 40 points.

I also like regular Altuve. That L+1 is easily worth over 40 points. While the triple is definitely a huge benefit, playing a good jump with Altuve on 2nd will get you 3rd more often than not- plus you get to draw a card cause of his SB icon!

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20/08/2017 5:11 pm  

Pat Neshek is a good one.  6 1-X for 280 or 5 R+2 1-2 X for 230.

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20/08/2017 6:29 pm  

Salvador Perez is an interesting one. You can save 35 points by switching to the All-Star edition. Unfortunately you lose the GG icon, but you bump from +1 to +2 clutch, and lose an out on your chart. Not an awful move if your team literally comes down to the wire.