Trying to complete the set  


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28/08/2017 7:22 pm  

I got the complete set and some boosters from the Indiegogo funding.  I'm looking to complete my strat cards because it only came with 1 of each.  These are the first edition printed cards (if anyone cares)

I'm looking for the following strats:

Defense: The 9-Hole, Changeup, Cutter, Diving up the Middle, Ground Rule Double, Hit the Cut-Off Man, How About That?, In on the Hands, Left Shift, Make Some Noise, Pitch Around, Quality Start, Quick Draw, Scooped It, Throwing Gas

Offense: Baltimore Chop, Barnum and Bailey, Blooper, Drag Bunt, Dropped Third Strike, Get Foul!, Good Jump, Hit and Run, Make Him Pay, The One Who Knocks, Oppo-Power, Prime Time, Reading the Ball, Suicide Squeeze, Sweet Spot, Tailing Winds, Turned on One, The Wheelhouse, Wild Thing

Neutral: Challenge Flag, Not Without a Fight, Overruled, Scouting Reports

For trade I have the following duplicates:

Rares: Rizzo, Machado, Price, Highway Robbery, LAA Stadium

Uncommons: McCutchen, Betances, LeMahieu, STL Stadium, Washington Stadium


Commons: Cervelli (x2), Siegrist (x2), Gallardo (x2), C. Young (x2), Andrus, Axford, Barnhart, Barrett, Bedrosian, Benoit, Bruce, Cecil, Chatwood, Clippard, Cron, Cozart, E. Diaz, Gregarius, Headley, Iwakuma, J. Johnson, Kemp, B. Lawrie, B. McCann, Montero, Morales, Moss, Nuno, Ozuna, Pederson, Pillar, Pressly, AJ Ramos, Realmuto, Russell, Samardzija, E. Santana, Schoop, Street, Stroman, Vincent, Vogt, Wong, Texas Stadium, Houston Stadium.

Updating for the midseason set:

I’m looking for the following from the midseason set:

Pujols, Arenado, Bellinger, Betances, Darvish, Davis, Fulmer, Hand, Harper, Keuchel, Molina, Scherzer, Springer, Strasburg, Zimmerman, Anderson, Bregman, Lynn, Mazara, Schebler, Chin Music 2.0 (x2), Road Rally 2.0.

Have the following duplicates:

Beckett, Alonso, Altuve (x2), Betts, Brantley, Correa, Cozart, Cruz (x2), Goldschmidt (x3), Greinke, Holland, Jansen (x2), Kimbrel, Kluber (x2), LeMahieu, McCullers (x2), Perez (x2), Sale, Sanchez, Sano, Santana (x3), Seager, Trout, Avila (x2), Devinski, Gamel, Leake, Thames (x2), Wood, Coming in Hot 2.0, Got His Number, In His Head, Twist of Fate.


Let me know if you would be interested in some sort of swap on these, trying to collect the whole set.

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30/09/2017 3:22 pm  

Have a few of your needs from the mid-season:

Pujols, Arenado, Darvish, Davis, Harper, Keuchel, Lynn, Mazara, Strasburg

I need your:

Cozart, LeMahieu, Devinski

I would be willing to trade all 9 for the 3 you have that I need.

Let me know.


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