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01/03/2017 5:52 pm  

Are you going to include 2 of all the common/uncommon strategy cards?  This way you can not only build the team you want, but also the strategy deck too.


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01/03/2017 10:17 pm  

I think I recall someone asking this on a thread somewhere else. As I recall, the clutch guys said no. We'll just get the 70 strats with our complete sets. Bummer I know but, hey, business is business. I trust that this is the best they could do at the price point. We'll have the midseason set to look forward to and there's rumor they'll give us some discount or perk as day 1 supporters on the midseason set. Hopefully we can support our strategy decks then.

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06/03/2017 9:39 am  

That's actually a good question.  I hope at some point we can get complete sets of strategy cards.  Because having 1x of each strat card really limits the deckbuilding aspect.

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06/03/2017 12:17 pm  

When I asked the question ( ) they said there might be a strategy card add-on set around the time the All-Star or Trading Deadline expansion is released.  I really hope it comes to fruition, even if it just gets offered to the Day 1 Supporters.

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13/08/2017 11:36 pm  

Has there been any further consideration given to the strategy card add-on set? 🤔

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