Yankees Tigers Brawl  


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26/08/2017 12:41 am  

So how about that bench clearing brawl between the Yankees and Tigers Thursday evening. WOW! 🙄

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27/08/2017 4:14 pm  

I just find it funny how MLB pretends to not condone this stuff yet plasters it everywhere and anywhere it can to try and draw interest/ratings.

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28/08/2017 8:35 am  

As a Tigers fan, I thought the brawl was a bad image for both teams.  Although, "Sucker Punch" Sanchez may have earned himself a lasting nickname.  Been seeing a lot of chatter from non-Tigers fans on Facebook about this brawl, and have seen a lot of hate against Sanchez for those punches to defenseless people.

I am surprised Fulmer didn't get suspended.

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