Padres can't even suck correct  


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03/09/2017 11:10 am  

Everybody's favorite 25th man RP Jordan Lyles who was released by COL earlier this year and signed a minor league contract with the Padres, had a spot start last night against the Dodgers only gave up two runs in four innings. With a batting order filled with 2 Rule V guys, a guy that was Rule V last year, our back up catcher playing 1B, plus a guy who was DFA'd they some how managed to win 7-2. It is a rough life as a Padre fan, we can't even tank correctly...

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03/09/2017 1:50 pm  

I feel your angst. The Twins 17-0 pounding of the Royals last night was just ugly. At game's end we had only 1-2 starters still playing. Grrr...


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