The New Era of Clutch Media

Hello and welcome to the new era of Clutch Media. I am Matt Slagle, manager of the San Diego Armada (defending Champions of the High Heat league) and everybody’s favorite podcast host.

I started the Unofficial Clutch Podcast a little over a year ago as a way to connect with other Clutch Managers and to discuss and debate the game we love (and sometimes hate). After 16 episodes it is time to take inventory and make it that much better.

In short, the Unofficial Clutch Podcast is no more. The corporate overlords at Clutch HQ have bought my unwavering loyalty and now we are the officially licensed podcast of Clutch Baseball. What does this mean to you? Without going into too many boring details, not much. The podcast will live on with me as the main host and a rotating cast of characters joining each episode. From the dev team of James, Sean, Nick, and Monte, to a few other guests you will recognize from the previous episodes.

The biggest changes will be the release schedule and format. There will be two episodes a month (with the potential for more on especially busy months in the Clutch world) and each episode will be 30-45 minutes with reoccurring segments, debates, giveaways, Q&A’s, and some sneak peaks now and then.

The second part of this change is I will also now be a regular contributor to the Clutch Blog. There are a bunch of articles in the works, everything from looking at the different metas to individual player cards. Because if there is one thing we all want more of it is my insane hot takes. (I stand by and will not back down from my Rougned Odor hot take of 2018.)

All of this is to drive discussion about the game we love and to spread ideas and encouragement to those who play Clutch Baseball. This game has a collaborative community and we want to continue to grow that with the podcast and new blog. So I want to hear your ideas and see what you want me to write about and discuss.

You can follow me on Twitter @SanDiegoArmada, and on Reddit I am u/SanDiegoArmada.

Now that we got through all the “boring” stuff it is time to unleash some spicy leaks on the interwebs.

First up, Series 3 will have even more Generations insert cards, spanning six decades of baseball from the 1950’s to the 2000’s.


October is right around the corner and that means one thing, it is PSL szn. Wait–that can’t be right. Oh, Post-Season Heroes are making a return, that makes more sense. Last year PSH was a LE set, and this year they become inserts for Series 3.


If you listened to the Unofficial Clutch Podcast this next leak is something we speculated about in a recent episode. It is the most exciting development in team building, and that is the All-Time Trades inserts. Players will be eligible for stadium bonuses in both stadiums listed on their card.

Hopefully all that news didn’t fry your brain too much. With a lot of very interesting things to discuss be sure to join the debate on the Clutch Baseball Reddit page at

Matt Slagle

A Clutch OG, Matt is the Manager of the World Champion San Diego Armada and host of the Clutch Baseball Podcast.
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