2019 Enhancements

All-New Card Design

The new and improved 2019 Player Card design features an easier to read layout and visual chart to enhance game play.

New Strategy & Stadium Cards

Boost your deck with 70 new Strategy Cards and for the first time, 30 all new Stadium Cards.

New Player Icons

Run leaders feature a new R icon, while Relief Pitcher strikeout leaders are now eligible for the K icon.

Players. Strategies. Stadiums.

The quest for the perfect deck starts here. Create a team based on a set salary cap, choose strategy cards that will solidify their strengths, and select the stadium that will give you an unbeatable home field advantage.

400 New Player Cards

Choose from several different roster sizes and salary caps to build a realistic big league team with a full bullpen, rotation, and bench.

70 New Strategy Cards

Choosing which strategy cards to include in your deck is only half the battle–the best managers know just the right time to play their hands.

30 New Stadiums

Pick 1 of 30 big league parks to be your home field. Each stadium includes a unique ball park factor with an added bonus for home-town players.

Basic Gameplay

Every at bat includes two basic elements–the Pitch &  Swing. To keep it simple: the Pitch determines who will get the advantage in the at bat, and the Swing determines the result of the at bat.

1. Pitch
The defense rolls the Pitch and adds the Pitcher’s Command. In this instance, Buehler's Command is 6.
2. Advantage

If the total number is higher than the Batter's On-base: advantage Pitcher. If the total number is tied/lower than the Batter's On-base: advantage Batter. In this instance, Lindor's On-Base is 12 L+1 (his L+1 statistic is not activated vs. Buehler who is Right-Handed).

3. Swing
The offense rolls the Swing—the at-bat result will be determined on the chart of whoever gained the advantage.
4. Result
The Batter will move to a base, back to the lineup, or circle the bases. Strategy / Stadium cards and advanced rules can affect the result.

Every Stat Matters.

Dozens of real-life statistics, translated into in-game numbers to create one amazing baseball experience.

Lefty/Righty Bonuses

Make the decisions of a real-life manager—stack your lineup with lefties to face a right-handed starter or bring in a specialist late in games.

Clutch Meter

Some players are ready for the big moment, and we've integrated that into the game with a clutch meter triggered in high-leverage situations.

Home Field Advantage

Choose to build a team around a stadium of your choice. Each stadium includes a special in-game effect, with a bonus for home-town players.

Bonus Icons

Lead leaders and award winners such as MVPs and Silver Sluggers, receive special icons that unlock bonuses on certain strategy cards.

Beyond Offense

Tag up, avoid double plays, or take an extra base with high-speed players. Make diving stops, rob homeruns, and save the game with skilled defenders.

Salary Considerations

Each player has a "salary" based on his statistics. Roster caps keeps teams even—that means it's up to you to decide which stats you value most for your team.

Clutch Baseball 2019 is NOW AVAILABLE!

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