Add Thunder to your Lineup

Collect all 80 new player cards through loaded booster packs which include 1 Ultra-Rare, 6 Rare, and 2 Uncommon.

5 Ultra-Rare Legends

Collect Miami Legends Jeff Conine, Dontrelle Willis, Luis Castillo & Josh Beckett, +1 mystery commemorative achievement card (all foils).

60 Rare All-Stars

Play your own All-Star game or add these stars to your current team. All cards feature updated stats based on the last calendar year + 5 new foils.

15 Uncommon Additions

We couldn't make every player in the first set, but here's where we make it up to you. Pull all 15 new fan-favorite player cards.

Mid-Season Set News

Learn more about the contents and release of the set and check out more reveals as they are announced on our blog.

New Strats & Stadiums

Collect all 10 new strategy and stadium cards which utilize the All-Star icon, giving extra powers to your new stars.

3 Ultra-Rare New Strats

Collect all 3 brand new, powerful strats that feature special colors to match the Miami All-Star theme.

5 Updated Strats

These 2.0 strats aren't just filler- they each feature an exciting new twist and an All-Star icon bonus.

2 New Stadiums

The stadiums include Florida Stadium and a new Miami Park. Both feature an all new home-field advantage.