Shohei Ohtani  


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08/12/2017 2:33 pm  

Looking forward to seeing how Ohtani gets incorporated into Clutch. Separate hitter and pitcher cards? An OF/P card with two charts and both on-base and control? Double-sided card? Definitely going to be a challenge for the makers.

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09/12/2017 6:49 pm  

I like the double-sided card idea. Either way both versions of his card will make their way into my lineup. It also sounds like the Angels won't let him play in the OF, only DH. I think he would be a good midseason card, wait and see how he actually plays in MLB.

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10/12/2017 1:06 pm  

My first thought was to make THREE versions (Pitcher, Batter, and Double-Sided) with varying salaries, but the Double-Sided thing could wreak havoc with Roster-building rules. He would need a special rule, "Counts as two Players (Pitcher and Batter)." Might be better to just make two versions (Pitcher and Batter), and have Ohtani be the first Clutch Player where you can have two of the same name on the same team.

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11/12/2017 7:52 am  

I am interested in how the Clutch guys will incorporate him too.  Personally, I like the idea of separate cards for Pitcher and Hitter.


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11/12/2017 9:07 pm  

Regardless of separate cards or double-sided card, I think it's important to wait and release him, at the earliest, as a mid-season guy.  The Clutch guys always said certain guys were excluded for lack of at-bats/appearances so I hope they consider that when they make Ohtani preparations.  Hard to know what he'll be in the MLB vs japanese baseball league and hard to equate those stats to MLB.


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