Second Attempt: MLB Showdown 2000  

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15/09/2017 12:38 pm  

Well here we are, just two series into the season. Here's a brief recap.

Montreal is leading the North Division with a 7-1 record. Expansion team Rochester is right behind them at 6-2. In the South, New Orleans paces the pack with a 5-3 record. A trio of teams hold a .500 record, and Savannah trails with a 3-5 mark.

We've had a few surprising performances to this point. For starting position players, Jeromy Burnitz, Aramis Ramirez, and John Olerud are the worst offensive players by OPS+, wOBA, and wRAA. Considering each team has played just eight games, running an wRAA under -3 is ghastly.

Of course, for the offensive slumps, there have also been stars. Shawn Green and Alex Rodriguez lead the league with five dingers each. Each is running an OPS+ of over 275. Shawn Green's wRAA is 7.82 in just the eight games!

Brooklyn has been a mercurial team with a few individual performances that have been surprising. Steve Finley has a pair of two-homer games (both against Providence). Fernando Vina (of all people) had a five RBI game from the leadoff spot when Brooklyn took on New Orleans! The wins just haven't added up, as Kerry Wood has been plagued by walks to this point, but his FIP is over 2 runs lower than his ERA.

On the other hand, Rochester's Pedro Martinez has been unstoppable, allowing just one run in two complete games, striking out 28 in 16 innings. Tragically, Mike Mussina (Providence) has looked beyond mortal (11 ER in 11.33 IP) though his FIP suggests regression towards the mean. Providence has had the worst bullpen statistically, but Nashville has three blown saves and Savannah's Dave Veres (Pennant Run version) has blown a pair of games in the ninth. Rochester's bullpen, which arguably has the worst players as measured by the cards, has performed decently to this point (with Jason Grimsley getting the save opportunities over 'closer' Eddie Guardado). Alexandria and Montreal have had the best performing bullpens, respectively. But in most pitching cases, the sample size is far too small.

I have attached the team rankings but have not included individual statistics or Team WAR calculations and a few other Sabermetrics (primarily on the pitching side). I am sure this is all an exercise in futility anyways, but if someone else enjoys it, great!

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28/09/2017 11:10 am  

Well, we are a third of the way through the season. Montreal paces the North with a 14-2 record after sweeping Brooklyn and taking three of four against Jacksonville. Similarly-built New Orleans leads the South at 12-4 after sweeping Jacksonville and taking three of four from Nashville. Jacksonville had a bad two series, getting outscored 43-to-26, but with four one-run losses in the eight match-ups. They are 5-11 on the season and tied with Brooklyn for the worst record in the league.

Games of Note

New Orleans' David Wells threw the second complete game shutout for a team this season, blanking Nashville in a 2-0 victory. 

Statistics of Note

Sterling Hitchcock, Gil Meche, Jose Rosado, John Lieber, Shane Reynolds, Scott Elarton, and Kevin Brown are the only pitchers with quality starts in all four appearances to this point. Chuck Finley and Tim Hudson are the only pitchers carrying a 4-0 record.

No surprise that Pedro Martinez is leading the league with 51K through 29.67 innings (15.47 K/9). Randy Johnson has sent down 48 in 26 innings (16.62 K/9), and Kerry Wood has struck out 39 batters in 22.33 innings (15.72 K/9).

Bartolo Colon, Kerry Wood, and Pedro Astacio have allowed 7 dingers each through the first four games, tied for the league lead. Nashville has allowed 9 home runs as a team.

Jeff Cirillo is leading all regulars with a 196 OPS+ and a .468 wOBA. It's not off the strength of slugging--his ISO is .089!


Thanks to those who are reading.

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09/10/2017 12:22 pm  

We're at the half-way point. Here are a few updates of sort.

Games of Note

Game 17 - Charlotte @ Providence - Big Unit and Moose combine for 24 K in 15 innings before Shawn Green hits an eleventh hitting dinger.

Game 17 - New Orleans @ Savannah - Kevin Brown pitches a complete game shutout. 1-0 final.

Game 22 - Charlotte @ Rochester - In the season's highest scoring game to date, Jay Bell (6 RBI) and Mark McGwire (2 HR) stood out. Paul O'Neill and Todd Hollandsworth also homered for Charlotte, and Ray Lankford connected for Rochester. Rochester ended up the winner 14-11.

Game 23 - Alexandria at Nashville - Leading 4-0, Trevor Hoffman faces Jim Edmonds with the bases loaded in the top of the ninth. After the grand slam tied the game, Nashville picked up the win in the tenth. 

Statistics of Note

Andruw Jones is leading the league in wRAA (13.84), OPS (208), and wOBA (.488) at the halfway mark.

Kevin Brown and David Wells are the two strongest pitchers to this point.

All-Star Teams


C - Doug Mirabelli
1B - Jeff Bagwell (.476 OBP)
2B - Jay Bell (.333/.392./.602, 28 RBI)
3B - Jeff Cirillo (.382/.455./.494)
SS - Alex Rodriguez (.344 ISO)
LF - Luis Gonzalez
CF - Andruw Jones (208 OPS)
RF - Ken Griffey, Jr. (8 HR, 7 SB, 165 OPS)
DH - Todd Helton

B - Luis Gonzalez
B - Omar Vizquel

SP - Pedro Martinez (15.25 K/9)
SP - David Cone (3.12 FIP)
RP - Billy Wagner (11 Saves, 15.98 K/9)
RP - Keith Foulke
RP - Mariano Rivera

C - Brad Ausmus
1B - Mark McGwire (9 HR, .344 ISO)
2B - Carlos Febles (142 OPS)
3B - Scott Rolen (no 3B has a positive wRAA!)
SS - Nomar Garciaparra (.388/.450/.571)
LF - Shawn Green (162 OPS+)
CF - Jim Edmonds
RF - Johnny Damon (3 HR, 9 SB)
DH - Jason Giambi (8.79 wRAA)

B - Mike Sweeney (155 OPS)
B - Paul O'Neill

SP - Kevin Brown (2 CG, 1 SHO)
SP - David Wells (1.02 ERA, .93 WHIP)
RP - Ugueth Urbina (2.04 FIP)
RP - Armando Benitez

Standings update.

Savannah went on a 7-1 run to take the lead in the South (15-9 record). Montreal still leads the North, going 6-2 in the last eight. Providence and Jacksonville are both at the bottom of their respective divisions at 9-15.

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