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09/09/2017 6:35 pm  

Recently discovered History Maker Baseball, HMB for short. It looks more like a simulation, but does offer some unique elements for tabletop baseball. Examples include team chemistry, hot/cold streaks, player experience, umpires are rated, etc. Anyone have experience with this game? 

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18/10/2017 8:42 am  

It's okay.  It depends on what you are looking for in a baseball sim.  Typically over the years folks interested in card-&-dice baseball were totally okay with lots of numbers, lots of stats, lots of ratings, and basically a sea of identifiers on their cards.  These days you have a newer, younger, more casual crowd of boardgamers getting into tabletop sports gaming, and that's kind of where HMB aims at.  Translation: What would be individual stats on other games are boiled down into ratings bands in HMB and given a snazzy name.  So Giancarlo Stanton's card doesn't have 59 homeruns listed, instead he is labeled as a "HR King."  Aaron Judge doesn't have his massive strikeout total listed, instead he is labeled a "Whiffer." 

So they are basically converting bands of stats into a narrative description.  This makes the game maybe not so statistically accurate, and players aren't as differentiated as maybe they could be (certainly not to the level of Replay Baseball or Stratomatic) but it dresses up the effort with things like the narrative descriptions, a random dice-roll before games to see what the "clubhouse atmosphere" is like, and the umpire cards that give each ump a role-playing-game type background of being either strict or friendly.  The company that produces HMB (Plaay.com) does a game for every sport, and they all sort of approach card-&-dice games in the same narrative-not-numbers way.  They aren't for everyone, and old-timers will likely roll their eyes, but they've had a lot of success in the last few years with the growing boardgame community.