Strat Card Idea: SP out of the Pen  


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16/12/2017 6:54 pm  

Bear with me.  I realize there are problems to this proposition but just floating it here to see if people like the idea and what the Clutch team thinks are hurdles and whether they could be overcome.  I just think that (in elimination games in particular) it would be cool to be able to use a SP out of the pen (perhaps you've seen some World Series Champion team do it on multiple occasions en route to a title...I don't know, something tells me it's been done in the very recent history). 

Basically the idea is to enable a team to put a starting pitcher into the game as a reliever for some very short period of time.  The innings/outs could be limited (e.g. no more than 2 IP (6 outs) healthy and 1 IP (3 outs) tired), you could limit use of additional strategy cards on the SP to perhaps limit the power imbalance this card could enable (simply say "no other cards may be played on the pitcher or his pitches until he leaves the game"), the opportunities to use it could be limited (e.g. can't play the card (and thereby can't bring in the SP) earlier than the 7th inning - depending on what people foresee as the abuse possibilities), and the SP who you could use it on could be limited (can't use it on a SP who is set to pitch the next game or pitched in the previous two games - or something like that).  The card would of course be super-rare and you could only have one in your deck.

I recognize that there are serious possibilities of this being too strong and having dramatic potential to create an imbalance in rosters.  In my mind's eye I can see the extreme problem -- Facing a team that has the card in their deck, builds a rotation of studs, adds Kenley Jansen, and Andrew Miller and just rides their SPs for 6, brings in another star SP for 2 IP and hands it off to Jansen/Miller for the 9th.  

Of course there's always the chance the manager doesn't draw it but that's the one thing I fear about this concept.


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18/12/2017 9:45 pm  

So the hurdles would be the imbalance of points. SPs are worth so many points because they pitch every 5th game. Throw in other games and then they become overpowered. And it’s not entirely realistic for just 1 meet up game.