Clutch Baseball 2018 Announcement

Almost one year ago today, pre-orders for Clutch Baseball 2017 went live on Indiegogo.  We set out with a goal of $5,000, raised more than $16,000, and the rest is history.  Since then thousands of players have joined our community, placing orders, interacting with us on social media, discussing strategies on our forums, and more.  Last week we released a teaser image which showed our road-map for the 2018 season.  In this blog we will give you the specifics on what and when is coming in our sophomore season.


Speed has been changed from 5(D)/10(C)/15(B)/20(A) to 4(E)/8(D)/12(C)/16(B)/20(A)
Reasoning: We found it a little too difficult to move around the basepaths with mid to lower tier Speed players.  We feel that 20(A) players are in a good spot, but the player roster in general needed a slight bump.  Note: only the slowest players will be rated 4(E) so as mentioned, the average speed of all players will increase.  Slight salary adjustments will be made for E (obviously) and D players as opposed to last year.

1B Defensive Range has been changed from 1-3 to 0-2
Reasoning: Outfield defense currently maxes out at 13, Battery at 14, and Infield at 16.  We want to make Infield a little more in line with the former two, and again this goes back to players having difficulty moving around the basepaths.  +0 Defense, similar to E Speed, will be reserved for the lowest few players in the statistical category.  Mostly DH's that don't provide much with their glove the few times they play the field outside of your typical ground ball outs and pick-off attempts (which they already do automatically in our game).  Slight salary adjustments have also been made regarding defense with +0's (obviously) being cheaper than the current +1 and +4/+5 will also be slightly more expensive as we round out the formula.

Icon salary has been changed from 30/20/10/0 per icon to 30/15/0 within specific groups
The logic for a decreasing icon salary is that many strategy cards contain multiple icons, and you only need one to trigger the effect.  Therefore, you don't want to overpay for excess icons.  But we realized that the strategy cards we have can only group certain icons with other icons.  So the groups for 2018 are: 1) MVP/HR/SL/RBI, 2) MVP/W/K/SV/HL, 3) SB, 4) GG, 5) AS.  For the most part, this will not have a significant effect across the board, but it's just cleaning up a small facet of the game we found to be imprecise.

Other changes:

  • +0 Clutch has been removed.  Slight Pitcher Clutch Salary adjustments to be in line with Batters.
  • RP IP Salary increased.  They will now pay 50% more than SP do for additional innings due to the greater proportionate increase in usability.
  • Walk rates for Batter's charts have been slightly increased across the board.


Six releases throughout 2018 - 3 Sets and 3 LE

2018 Main Set - April 1

  • Includes 400 Player Cards (with a focus on getting as many new players not represented throughout 2017 as possible), 70 new Strategy Cards, and 30 Stadium Cards
  • Two new Icons for Batters/Pitchers: RBI & Hold
  • Two new Strategy Cards: Manager & Weather
    • Manager
      Playable at the top of any inning and last for both the top and bottom of the inning.  Manager cards have different effects whether on Offense or Defense and center around player decisions.
    • Weather
      A dice roll will determine how long the card's permanent Stadium-like effect will last.  Closed Stadiums (retractable or not) will not allow Weather Cards to be played and will be noted on the Stadium Card.

2018 Mid-Season Set - August 1

  • Includes Montreal Legends, 60 All-Star cards, new Strategy and Stadium Cards, and more players that were not in the Main Set as opposed to 2017

2018 Generations Set - December 1

  • Includes Classic Players from the 1990's/2000's along with late season call-ups/top prospects from the end of the 2018 season.  Next year will feature Classic Players from the 1970's/1980's, and so on.

2018 LE Releases

  • Valentine's Day LE - February 1
  • Memorial Day LE - June 1
  • Post-Season Heroes - October 1


Player Cards
All new design featuring 10+ player silhouettes, new look Clutch icons, and a bolder city skyline moved to the foreground

Stadium Cards
Updated and adjusted design now featuring the ballpark dimensions and outline

Strategy Cards
New designs for Manager and Weather cards in new color schemes (purple and green respectively)

  • All cards will be printed on a superior cardstock that is both more sturdy and better accepting of ink and coloring
  • Updated Booster, Full Set, and Starter Set packaging design



  • All 2018 sets, including Mid-Season and Generations, will be purchasable as one complete set
  • New Starter Combo Lite: Includes the contents of one full Starter Set + the cards of a second Starter Set in one box for $29.99
  • 2018 Full Set price lowered from $139.99 to $129.99

As of today, all 2017 items are now 50% off MSRP.  Look forward to more news and a preview of the Valentine's Day LE cards very soon!

Clutch Baseball Online League: Playoffs Recap

Earlier this month we declared the champion of our first online league.  It was a grind of a season, spanning 20 games over more than 3 months.  For those not familiar with the league format, we had 8 teams randomly assigned to one of the 8 uncommon Stadium cards.  They then built 6,000 salary, 25 man rosters and played 10 matches, each 2 game series, for a combined 20 games.

Let's take a look at our 4 teams that made the playoffs from both divisions.

Eastern Division

Tony Alberts (14-6)
Stadium: Pittsburgh

Ahrensku (11-9)
Stadium: Cincinnatti

Western Division

CommunitySalad (14-6)
Stadium: St. Louis

ALacy92 (11-9)
Stadium: Colorado

As we can see the records are mirror reflections between divisions.  Two teams dominated the regular season at 14-6 and two teams squeaked in at 11-9.  Tony started the season 3-5 and ended 11-1 to claim the #1 seed in the East.  Salad only lost one series 0-2 all year, and both games were decided by 1 run.

Eastern Division Championship
Game 1: Corey Kluber def. Garrett Richards 8-3
Game 2: Marcus Stroman def. Jeff Samardzija 5-1
Ahrensku wins 2-0

Western Division Championship
Game 1: Max Scherzer def. Jose Fernandez 7-3
Game 2: Jameson Taillon def. Chris Archer 19-5
CommunitySalad wins 2-0





League Championship
Game 1: Max Scherzer def Corey Kluber 11-6
Game 2: Jameson Taillon def. Marcus Stroman 6-4
Community Salad wins 2-0


Click to check out rosters!

As you can see, all series were determined 2-0 without any tense game 3 tiebreakers.  However we did have an upset in the Eastern Division Championship with the #2 seed knocking off the #1 seed.  Congratulations to CommunitySalad playing out of Seattle, WA on the much deserved title!  The season was a ton of fun and a lot of the games had endings that you couldn't make up if you tried.  Before we leave you with the rosters of the final 4 teams, I'd just like to say that Clutch Online League: Winter Ball signups are now active!  Reach out to us on the forums or social media to let us know that you'd like to participate and ready for your #ClutchMoment!


Clutch Baseball Inaugural Tournament Recap

On Saturday September 30th, 2017, 10 Clutch Baseball fanatics descended upon Redcap's Corner in Philadelphia, PA looking for glory.  The participants came from all over the Northeast, from Massachusetts, to the Ohio line, to Virginia.  It was a day full of pizza, laughs, and of course clutch moments.

Due to some people dropping out in the few days before the event, we had to call an audible on the tournament structure.  The 10 players were randomly drawn into two groups of 5.  Everyone played everyone in their group one time, resulting in 4 matches.  The top two from each group advanced to the playoffs, where the #1 and #2 seeds squared off for a championship berth.  All matches were Bo1 and went through their starting rotations in order.

Click below to check out the rosters of teams from each group:


Few things to note overall:

  • AJ invested the most into his batters (3260)
  • Dan invested by far the most into his pitching staff (3730)
  • Brendon had the most balanced roster (2995/3005)

As far as players go, here's who really stood out:

  • Chris Devenski: Goes 2 innings like a middle reliever, throws like a top closer.  6/10 players chose him as their top reliever.
  • Salvador Perez: With not many catchers outside of Sanchez and Posey really posing an offensive threat, Perez was the go-to guy for affordable defense.
  • Billy Hamilton: Doesn't provide much with his bat but 20(A) Speed and +5 Defense in CF makes him a very versatile player for the cost.

After Group Play we ended up with a 3-way tie for 1st in Group A and amazingly a 5-way tie between the entire group in Group B.  Due to time constraints we used a run differential tiebreaker.  Patrick and Tony advanced from Group A and Sean and Erik from Group B.  Tony met Erik in the finals, winning 2-1 thanks in large part to Justin Verlander's 8 innings of 1-run ball.  There was a sliver of hope for Erik, hitting a 1B on the pitcher's chart with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th, but it was quickly erased from a just-drawn Deja Vu from Tony.

Some other plays/events that stood out were Billy Hamilton going 6-6 and rolling a 23 when he needed a 24 for the cycle for Sean vs. Julian, and Julian pinch hitting Brandon Moss (by far the most expensive bench player used) and hitting a grand slam with The One Who Knocks vs Erik.

It was a great event and we're very thankful for everyone who came out.  If you want to compete from home, keep an eye out for our next event - Clutch Baseball: Winter League later this year as our second online season!

The Inaugural Clutch Baseball Tournament

A few weeks ago we released a blog detailing the ongoing Clutch Baseball Online League.  Now, we're ready to announce that we will be hosting a Clutch Baseball tournament live and in person.  Get ready to watch the hope drain from your opponent's eyes as you strike out his best player in the bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, bases loaded.

Official Details

  • Saturday, September 30th, 2017
  • Redcap's Corner Official Site / Facebook
  • 3850 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Tournament begins at 1:00 PM. Check-in at 12:30.

Clutch moments will be coming to the city of brotherly love and we couldn't be more excited. We searched through many game/hobby shops in the area, but when we saw the beautiful play space at Redcap's we knew we had to have it.

Tournament Rules

  • Bo2 Swiss Format
  • All cards are legal except LE cards (Jose Fernandez, Ken Griffey Jr., David Ortiz, Kyle Schwarber, and Goatbusters)
  • Extra-innings will begin with a runner on 2nd so no one game holds the tournament up
  • RP/CP will be Tired for game 2 within a Bo2 if used in game 1 then reset each round
  • 25 man/6000 salary rosters w/ deck filled out beforehand and brought on game day available here
  • All other official rules are in place and can be viewed here

We considered all of the standard elimination-style formats.  Bo1, Bo2, Bo3, etc.  However all of them had certain issues.  With Bo1, we would have to randomly decide who was the home team, and that's a huge part of building your deck in Clutch Baseball.  Bo2 allows a home/away series but relies on tiebreakers in case the match is split 1/1.  Bo3 provides the most competitive experience but simply takes too long.  The Swiss format allows for many more games without elimination while still maintaining the equal split of being home/away.  If you're not familiar with this format, do some quick research to get yourself up to speed.

Tournament Sign-Up

  • Tournament Pass available on our website for $20
  • Includes "Competitor" lanyard, Tournament logo t-shirt, and 2 Limited Edition cards
  • Maximum 32 participants on a first come first serve basis
  • All items must be picked up at the event

At first we were hesitant to charge an entry fee because we wanted this tournament to be a "community appreciation" style event.  However, we only have so many spots available, and we didn't want people signing up and then not showing up.  So we're charge a small fee, but also adding in some really cool goodies.  These items will be available at the venue only to further ensure that we can have a solid turnout and a smooth event.  Included are two very unique cards of Phillies legends.  Steve Carlton is the first 8 inning pitcher and Mike Schmidt is the first 5 icon player!


Additional Information/Activities

Food and drinks will be provided.  Any and all are welcome to attend whether competing or not.  We will also be selling Clutch Baseball 2017 merchandise at a discount at the event and offering a "take a card leave a card" option.  If you have a double of any card, put it in the box and take out one of the same rarity (max 5 cards per person).  The next day the Clutch creators will be attending the last Phillies game of the season vs the Mets on Sunday, October 1st, at 3:05 PM.  All are welcome to meet up with us and enjoy a ball game as a community!

The Mid-Season Set Is Coming!

As I said in my previous blog, we teased this project back in February.  Now, in August, we finally have the cards in our hand.  And trust us, it was worth the wait.  They look beautiful and perfectly capture the flair of Miami.  One problem though...

There are 15 holographic cards in this set.  4 Florida Legends, STL Albert Pujols, and 10 2017 All-Stars.  Besides Pujols, these cards were meant to be orange/light blue like the other All-Star player cards.  But something got lost in translation and they were printed as the standard red/blue.  Extremely disappointing, but we aren't going to get caught up over errors that are out of our control.  Waiting another month to get new cards in isn't an option either.  So in order to compensate products arriving slightly different than they were advertised, we will be adding an extra pack to every order.  This will also stack with the extra packs from being an Indiegogo backer.  Interestingly enough, as the 14 holographic cards went from orange/light blue to red/blue, Pujols, who was supposed to be red/blue, went to a dark red/purple.  It's not what we intended but it actually looks pretty awesome so...#PurplePujols.

2017 Mid-Season Standard vs. 2017 Main Set Holo vs. 2017 Mid-Season Holo vs. 2017 Mid-Season Albert Pujols

The packs have been made to cover pre-orders and they'll be processed and shipped by Saturday or Monday at the latest.  We already sold about half the Mid-Season cards we have just in pre-orders so if you haven't ordered yet get on that ASAP.

Keen eyes will also notice some changes in our holographic cards from the 2017 main set to the Mid-Season Set.  Icons and the clutch meter are now foil.  The diamond is now white with a foil accent instead of completely foil.  We did this for two reasons: A) the full silver made the card a little dark overall and B) that large of a foil area was just asking to get scratched and nicked up.  Overall we feel these are our best looking cards yet, even if the color isn't exactly what we wanted.

Tomorrow we will be announcing a contest regarding this set.  And in the next few weeks we will be revealing a community event that we think is really exciting.  Stay tuned!

Official Clutch Baseball Online League: Early Season Recap

One obvious downside of physical multiplayer card games - you don't always have someone to play with.  However through the marvels of modern technology, we have been able to put together an online league where players across the country can face off every week.  Utilizing web cams, dice apps, and more, we have now completed the first two weeks of this inaugural season.  This blog will be a recap of those two weeks, breaking down some introductory information, rosters, statistics, and more.

The Format
There are 8 teams in the league, split up evenly into two East and West divisions.  Everyone plays the other 3 teams in their division 2x, and everyone in the other division 1x.  This leads to 10 matches, where each match is a home/away split.  This leads to 20 total games, and when using a standard 5-man rotation each SP will get 4 starts.  Games are played twice a week, either Sunday/Wednesday or Monday/Thursday.

The Participants
Eight Clutch Baseball fanatics signed up looking for glory.  They are as follows:

  • "Ahrensku" representing Missouri in the Eastern Division
  • "MikeTheRed" representing Pennsylvania in the Eastern Division
  • "Catastrophe" representing Maryland in the Eastern Division
  • "Moose148" representing Maine in the Eastern Division
  • "CommunitySalad" representing Washington in the Western Division
  • "MrTentacles" representing Texas in the Western Division
  • "Alacy92" representing Nebraska in the Western Division
  • "Jon M" representing Arizona in the Western Division

The Rosters
There are 8 teams and 8 Uncommon Stadiums in the 2017 base set.  Each team was randomly assigned an Uncommon Stadium and tasked with building their team from there.

East West
MikeTheRed Ahrensku Moose148 Catastrophe ALacy92 CommunitySalad MrTentacles Jon M
Seattle Cincinatti Washington Pittsburgh Colorado St Louis Philadelphia Atlanta
C Tucker Barnhart C Jason Castro C Jason Castro C Yasmani Grandal C Tucker Barnhart C Cameron Rupp C Brian McCann C Chris Iannetta
1B Chris Carter 1B Mark Trumbo 1B Chris Davis 1B Mark Trumbo 1B Mitch Moreland 1B Joe Mauer 1B Freddie Freeman 1B Yonder Alonso
2B Neil Walker 2B Jean Segura 2B Joe Panik 2B Cesar Hernandez 2B Jedd Lowrie 2B Matt Carpenter 2B Dee Gordon 2B Eduardo Nunez
3B Javier Baez 3B Nolan Arenado 3B Justin Turner 3B Jung Ho Kang 3B Nolan Arenado 3B Anthony Rendon 3B Jung Ho Kang 3B Adonis Garcia
SS Jean Segura SS Adeiny Hechavarria SS Addison Russell SS Manny Machado SS Didi Gregorius SS Andrelton Simmons SS Carlos Correa SS Andrelton Simmons
LF/RF Nelson Cruz LF/RF Adam Duvall LF/RF Corey Dickerson LF/RF Curtis Granderson LF/RF Giancarlo Stanton LF/RF Nick Markakis LF/RF Carlos Beltran LF/RF George Springer
LF/RF Jarrod Dyson LF/RF Carlos Gonzalez LF/RF Brandon Moss LF/RF Adam Eaton LF/RF Wil Myers LF/RF Hunter Pence LF/RFTravis Jankowski LF/RF Travis Jankowski
CF Ken Griffey Jr. CF Ken Griffey Jr. CF Billy Hamilton CF Starling Marte CF Marcell Ozuna CF Billy Hamilton CF Leonys Martin CF Leonys Martin
DH Yunel Escobar DH Chris Carter DH Chris Carter DH Khris Davis DH Justin Upton DH Dexter Fowler DH J.D. Martinez DH Shin-Soo Choo
BN Ryan Flaherty BN Ryan Zimmerman BN Ryan Flaherty BN Ryan Flaherty BN Marwin Gonzalez BN Chris Owings BN James McCann BN Jed Lowrie
BN Ryan Zimmerman BN Chris Ianetta BN Chris Iannetta BN Ryan Zimmerman BN Chris Iannetta BN Ryan Zimmerman BN Chris Owings BN Chris Owens
BN Chris Owings BN Ryan Flaherty BN Ryan Zimmerman BN Chris Owings BN Melky Cabrera BN Ryan Flaherty BN Chris Iannetta BN Ryan Flaherty
BN Chris Owings BN Ryan Zimmerman
SP1 Garrett Richards SP1 Corey Kluber SP1 Clayton Kershaw SP1 Garrett Richards SP Jose Fernandez SP1 Max Scherzer SP1 Kenta Maeda SP1 Clayton Keyshawn
SP2 Jose Quintana SP2 Marcus Stroman SP2 Rich Hill SP2 Jeff Samardzija SP Chris Archer SP2 Jameson Taillon SP2 Marco Estrada SP2 Johnny Cueto
SP3 Yu Darvish SP3 Jeremy Hellickson SP3 Masahiro Tanaka SP3 Kyle Hendricks SP Gerrit Cole SP3 Jeremy Hellickson SP3 Michael Fulmer SP3 Marcus Stroman
SP4 Anthony DeSclefani SP4 Drew Smyly SP4 Brandon Finnegan SP4 Cole Hamels SP Robbie Ray SP4 Ivan Nova SP4 Lance McCullers SP4 Luis Severino
SP5 Brandon Finnegan SP5 Shelby Miller SP5 Tyler Skaggs SP5 Drew Smyly SP Jon Gray SP5 Tyler Skaggs SP5 Drew Smyly SP5 Robbie Ray
RP David Phelps RP Michael Tonkin RP Sean Doolittle RP Raisel Iglesias RP Will Harris RP Tyler Thornburg
RP Andrew Chafin RP Luke Gregerson RP Jordan Lyles RP Justin Wilson RP Brad Hand RP Sean Doolittle RP Hunter Strickland RP Darren O'Day
RP Justin Wilson RP Xavier Cedeno RP Brad Boxberger RP Brett Cecil RP Tommy Layne RP Sergio Romo RP Will Harris RP Hunter Strickland
RP Hansel Robles RP Raisel Iglesias RP Kevin Quackenbush RP Mike Morin RP Zach Putnam RP Brad Hand RP Luke Gregerson RP Tony Sipp
RP Kevin Quackenbush RP Kevin Quackenbush RP Brett Cecil RP Zach Putnam RP Jumbo Diaz RP Jake McGee RP Liam Hendriks RP Tanner Scheppers
RP Danny Farquhar RP Jordan Lyles RP Luke Gregerson RP Tony Cingrani RP Jonathan Broxton RP Brad Boxberger RP Jonathan Broxton RP Brad Hand
RP Michael Tonkin RP Tony Cingrani RP Will Harris RP Michael Tonkin RP Tanner Scheppers RP Michael Tonkin RP Jordan Lyles RP Jordan Lyles
CP Edwin Diaz CP Craig Kimbrel CP Aroldis Chapman CP Edwin Diaz CP Adam Ottavino CP Jeruys Familia CP Fernando Rodney CP Seung Oh

As you can see there was great variety to the players chosen by the different managers.  However you do see some favored players, either due to their dominance or being a great bargain.  In CF you see two Ken Griffey Jr's (Only 4 Icon player) and also two Billy Hamilton's (+5 Defense, 20(A) Speed, SB Icon for 160 Salary).  Clayton Kershaw (Only 7 Command SP) gets the nod on two teams, even though those two teams both lost their opening game in which he was on the mound.  For RP you see a lot of specialists and bargains, including Tonkin, Quackenbush, Lyles, Hand, Boxberger, and Doolittle.  And then of course there was the most selected player, Ryan Zimmerman (lowest Salary in game), chosen to ride the bench on 6/8 teams.

The Standings

East West
Ahrensku 5-3 MrTentacles 5-3
MikeTheRed 4-4 ALacy92 5-3
Catastrophe 3-5 CommunitySalad 4-4
Moose148 2-6 Jon M 4-4

With everyone 8 games in the books, things are pretty tight.  The Eastern Division has a nice and even spread, from 5-3 in 1st place to 2-6 in last place.  The West is a complete shootout, with every team being at or above .500.  The top two teams from each division make the playoffs in a 4-team, 2-round, Bo3 format.  Tiebreakers are: head to head record, run differential, runs scored, and finally runs scored at home.

That's how things have shaken out thus far.  Look forward to another blog in 3 weeks when the regular season has concluded and we preview the upcoming playoff matches.


Mid-Season Set 2017 Official Card List

Boys and girls, Clutch Baseball fans of all ages, I present to you the Mid-Season Set 2017 Official Card List!
*Bold = Holographic

Legends (Ultra-Rare)

  • Josh Beckett [2005] (FLA)
  • Luis Castillo [2003] (FLA)
  • Jeff Conine [1995] (FLA)
  • Dontrelle Willis [2005](FLA)

It was slightly difficult picking Florida legends because the team wasn't in existence for very long, and they had a habit of trading all their best players despite winning two World Series.  Castillo, Conine, and Willis were no-brainers, but we left the last vote up to the fans on Twitter. 2003 World Series MVP Josh Beckett beat out Josh Jackson, Rob Nenn, and Livan Hernandez to claim  the last spot. These cards will feature any icons that they achieved during the year the card is based on, including the AS icon when applicable. The last player we're keeping a secret until you guys open up some packs and figure it out. It's based on a career accomplishment this year but that's all we can say.

All-Stars (Rare)

  • Yonder Alonso (OAK)
  • Jose Altuve (HOU)
  • Nolan Arenado (COL)
  • Cody Bellinger (LA-N)
  • Dellin Betances (NY-A)
  • Mookie Betts (BOS)
  • Charlie Blackmon (COL)
  • Michael Brantley (CLE)
  • Starlin Castro (NY-A)
  • Michael Conforto (NY-N)
  • Carlos Correa (HOU)
  • Zack Cozart (CIN)
  • Nelson Cruz (SEA)
  • Yu Darvish (TEX)
  • Wade Davis (CHI-N)
  • Corey Dickerson (TB)
  • Michael Fulmer (DET)
  • Avisail Garcia (CHI-A)
  • Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)
  • Zack Greinke (ARI)
  • Brad Hand (SD)
  • Bryce Harper (WSH
  • Josh Harrison (PIT)
  • Greg Holland (COL)
  • Ender Inciarte (ATL)
  • Kenley Jansen (LA-N)
  • Aaron Judge (NY-A)
  • Clayton Kershaw (LA-N)
  • Dallas Keuchel (HOU)
  • Craig Kimbrel (BOS)
  • Corey Kluber (CLE)
  • Corey Knebel (MIL)
  • DJ LeMahieu (COL)
  • Francisco Lindor (CLE)
  • Carlos Martinez (STL)
  • Lance McCullers (HOU)
  • Andrew Miller (CLE)
  • Yadier Molina (STL)
  • Daniel Murphy (WSH)
  • Pat Neshek (PHI)
  • Marcell Ozuna (MIA)
  • Salvador Perez (KC)
  • Buster Posey (SF)
  • Jose Ramirez (CLE)
  • Robbie Ray (ARI)
  • Chris Sale (BOS)
  • Gary Sanchez (NY-A)
  • Miguel Sano (MIN)
  • Ervin Santana (MIN)
  • Max Scherzer (WSH)
  • Corey Seager (LA-N)
  • Luis Severino (NY-A)
  • Justin Smoak (TOR)
  • George Springer (HOU)
  • Giancarlo Stanton (MIA)
  • Stephen Strasburg (WSH)
  • Mike Trout (LA-A)
  • Jason Vargas (KC)
  • Joey Votto (CIN)
  • Ryan Zimmerman (WSH)

All-Stars were pretty straight forward.  First off a moment of silence for Jake Lamb, Jonathan Schoop, and whoever the 2 final vote-ins end up being.  There was only room on the ship for 60. Second, we chose 10 players to feature as holographic cards.  There were a few pre-requisites: 5 from AL and 5 from NL, evenly dispersed between region, evenly dispersed between batter/pitcher, and didn't already have a 2017 holographic card.  We're very happy with the 10 players we came up with, and feel they are extremely deserving while meeting our requirements.

New Players (Uncommon)

  • Chase Anderson (MIL)
  • Alex Avila (DET)
  • Andrew Benintendi (BOS)
  • Jerry Blevins (NY-N)
  • Alex Bregman (HOU)
  • Chris Devenski (HOU)
  • Ben Gamel (SEA)
  • Matt Holliday (NY-A)
  • Mike Leake (STL)
  • Lance Lynn (STL)
  • Nomar Mazara (TEX)
  • Scott Schebler (CIN)
  • Antonio Senzatela (COL)
  • Eric Thames (MIL)
  • Alex Wood (LA-N)

Again, we tried to find a nice balance of leagues, batters vs. pitchers, and regions.  These are players that didn't make our initial 2017 roster, either due to performance or just not having enough at-bats.  These cards will feature the classic red/blue color scheme.

Updated Strategy Cards (Uncommon)

  • Chin Music 2.0
  • Coming In Hot 2.0
  • Blooper 2.0
  • The One Who Knocks 2.0
  • Road Rally 2.0

Old dogs with new tricks.  These cards are based on the concepts of the originals, but with some different twists and implementation of the AS icon.  Note: these cards share the same 2 per deck rule as always.  So you can have a Blooper and Blooper 2.0, but not 2 Blooper and 2 Blooper 2.0.  Rulebook will be updated to reflect this.  These cards will also feature the classic red/blue colors.

New Strategy Cards (Ultra-Rare)

  • Got His Number
  • In His Head
  • Twist Of Fate

Three brand new strategies featuring the Miami-themed look and AS icon.  Some powerful momentum cards and another clutch moment card at the fan's requests.

New Stadium Cards (Ultra-Rare)

  • Florida Park
  • Miami Park

Finally, we have two new stadiums again featuring the updated look.  One of these cards is our first stadium card to feature icons!

Pre-orders go live Friday, 7/7/17.  Expected delivery date is early to mid August.

Mid-Season Set Details, Composition, Pre-Orders, & More!

The final Miami legend is being decided by a Twitter fan poll.

For those of you who aren't sure what the Mid-Season Set is, it's an expansion pack to the Clutch Baseball 2017 set. It will feature legends from Miami, 2017 All-Stars, and new Strategy/Stadium cards. The cards will feature some classic bright Miami-themed colors.  For those of you who have been (im)patiently waiting since we first announced this project back as a stretch goal during our crowdfunding campaign in February, we got you. In this blog I will be delving to go into the finer details of the Mid-Season Set, such as the composition, purchasing options, pre-order opportunities, and more.


  • 90 Cards
  • 5 Legends (Ultra-Rare)
  • 3 New Strategy Cards (Ultra-Rare)
  • 15 New Players (Uncommon)
  • 60 All-Stars (Rare)
  • 5 Updated Strategy Cards (Uncommon)
  • 2 New Stadium Cards (Ultra-Rare)
  • [10 Ultra Rare, 60 Rare, 20 Uncommon]
  • [80 Players, 8 Strategy, 2 Stadium]

First let's look at the overall set.  It will feature 5 holographic Legends cards, 4 from Miami and 1 special card based on a prolific achievement by a certain player this year.  60 of the 64 players in the 2017 All-Star Game will be present (sorry to the last two vote-ins and 2 other guys).  Of these 60, 10 will be holographic - 5 from the NL and 5 from the AL.  We're trying to find players that didn't already have a holographic card in the 2017 main set (aka Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger).  There will be 5 updated Strategy Cards from the 2017 set with some new twists based on the new All-Star (AS) icon.  Finally, there will be 3 new ultra-rare Strategy Cards, 2 new ultra-rare Stadium Cards, and 15 players that were either snubbed from the 2017 set or have made a name for themselves in the first half of the season (unless they make the All-Star game, and then they will be part of the All-Star cards of course).  A full detailed player-list will be made available as soon as the official All-Star rosters are announced!


  • 9 Cards
  • 1 Ultra-Rare (Legend, New Strategy Card, or New Stadium Card)
  • 6 Rare (All-Stars)
  • 2 Uncommon (New Players or Updated Strategy Cards)

Many people have asked us if the Mid-Season Set will be available to purchase as a complete set like the 2017 main set.  The answer is no, we are selling these as booster packs exclusively.  Why? Well we feel that this set has a more limited edition and collectible feel to it.  Therefore we think it will be interesting to see what people can pull the old fashioned way (and maybe even gloat about it on the internet too).  We're even thinking of a special reward to whoever can complete the whole set first!  Don't worry, this isn't a complete change in our business model and the 2018 main set will be sold in complete packages just like this year.


  • Start Wednesday, July 5th
  • 4 Packs/$20
  • 9 Packs/$40
  • Expected release date of early-mid August

While featuring fewer cards at a higher price point than the boosters of the 2017 set, these packs pack an unbelievable punch.  1 Ultra-Rare and 6 Rares guaranteed in every booster means you'll be able to wreak havoc on the diamond and look good doing it.

Hope everyone is looking forward to these cards as much as we are.  The first half of the season has been amazing, both for us and for baseball.  Here's to finishing off the rest of 2017 strong!

Can't Miss Clutch Cards: Strategy Cards

Today I'll be filling in for Sean for this latest blog in the "Can't Miss Clutch Cards" series.  The 2017 Strategy cards are the part of Clutch Baseball that I'm most proud of.  We realized early on that we had something great going on as nearly all of our play testers said that these cards were the best part of the game.  Strategy cards allow you to take the reigns of your team as a manager, going beyond the statistics of your players to truly change the game.  We have painstakingly designed, tested, and redesigned all 70 cards in our inaugural set.  They had to be fun and impactful, yet balanced and fair.  I want to go more in-depth regarding some our Offense, Defense, and Neutral strategy cards.  I'm also going to include "honorable mentions" for cards that I feel are especially powerful/interesting/fun to use.


My favorite card to play on Offense is Hit And Run.  This is an uncommon card, meaning you can have 2 in your deck.  Just in general I'm super aggressive on the base paths and love to get guys into scoring position.  Hit And Run can be played before an at-bat where there is only one runner on 1st base.  Depending on the result of the at-bat, several different scenarios can play out (as you can see on the card pictured).  However what you really need to know is that 3/5 scenarios are beneficial for the offense, 1/5 is neutral, and 1/5 is potentially bad news.  Just based on those numbers alone I'll take the odds any day (even though obviously not all scenarios are equally likely), but seeing as you don't have to discard a card, and even that last scenario can work out if you have a speedy runner on 1st, it's a fantastic card to me.  Going against a pitcher with a low K-range just sweetens the pot.

Honorable Mentions: Back, Back, Back, Hot Shot/Baltimore Chop, Good Jump, Late Inning Fireworks, Meatball Masher, Reading The Ball


Digging Deep is a card that doesn't seem like much at first glance.  You can play it before a pitch in which your pitcher is tired, and it gives you +1 to the pitch and removes the tired aspect.  If you have the SV or W icons, you can also draw 1 card if your pitcher scores an out.  Not bad, but you're probably thinking it's not that great for a rare card.   First thing's first, like Hit And Run you don't have to discard a card to play Digging Deep.  I'm always a fan of low opportunity cost cards.  Then it removes the tired condition, which gives you +1 Command back.  This also changes the swing from a power die to a regular die roll, which is mathematically about -2.  So on Defense you've net yourself +3 to the pitch/swing in a sense, plus the upside of potentially drawing a card. Therefore to me, this card should be in most decks and if you're using pitchers with the SV or W icon it's a must have.

Honorable Mentions: Crowd On It's Feet, Diving Up The Middle, Fast Worker, Pitch Around, Quickdraw, Throwing Gas, Web Gem


In my opinion Instant Replay is the most powerful card in the game, simply due to how flexible it is in so many different situations.  It allows you to +/- 1 to any roll, from a pitch, to a swing, to a defensive throw, or a defensive play.  The main uses are obvious - lower your opponent's roll or increase your own.  However you can really get creative from this.  Raise your opponent's roll from a K to a GB and turn a double play.  Or lower your own roll to turn a 1B into a BB to wear out the opposing pitcher.  On top of this if you have one of the 4 MVP cards in the set you get an additional boost, turning +/- 1 into +/- 2.  With Mike Trout up to bat and Instant Replay in your hand, you're looking at a 15 OB with a 17+ HR.  That's a monster.  You'll have to discard 1 card no matter what, but this card is without a doubt worth the cost.

Honorable Mentions: Challenge Flag, Deja Vu, Scouting Reports, Not Without A Fight

Hope you liked this edition of "Can't Miss Clutch Cards."  Comment  below and let us know which are some of your favorite Strategy cards to use in your deck!


The Cards of Clutch Baseball: An In-Depth Look

By now most of you have seen how our cards look and know that there are 3 types–Players, Strategy, and Stadium. In this blog I’ll be delving deeper into the nitty gritty aspects of the cards and how you can utilize this knowledge to create a dominant deck.

Player Cards

Player cards can first be divided into Batters and Pitchers. Batters contain the following standard positions and a few flex roles:

  • C (Catcher)
  • 1B (First Baseman)
  • 2B (Second Baseman)
  • 3B (Third Baseman)
  • SS (Shortstop)
  • LF/RF (Left Fielder/Right Fielder)
  • CF (CF)
  • IF (Infielder, can play any IF position)
  • OF (Outfielder, can play any OF position)
  • U (Utility, can play any defensive position)

All Player cards include descriptive terms such as their name, the team they play for, icons and awards that boost strategy cards, rarity, and what hand they bat with. They also contain various statistics that are tuned based on real-life performance:

  • On-Base Number (Main number used for the batter’s likeliness of reaching base)
  • Result Chart (Displays results based on die roll)
  • Lefty/Righty Advantage (Specific bonuses for batting against Lefty/Righty Pitchers)
  • Speed (Ranges from 5-20 and affects baserunning)
  • Defense (Factors into Defensive Plays and Defensive Throws, ranges from 1-5 [depending on position] and 5-9 for Catchers)
  • Clutch (Ability to perform in high-pressure moments, ranges from -3 to +3)
  • Salary (Culmination of all statistics, can range from <100 to >700)

Pitchers are simpler and only contain three positions:

  • SP (Starting Pitcher)
  • RP (Relieving Pitcher)
  • CP (Closing Pitcher)

All Pitcher cards contain the same descriptive and statistical terms as Batter cards for the most part, with the exception of Command replacing On-Base, Inning Limits replacing Speed, and Mistake Pitches replacing 3B (triples) on the chart.

Note: Pitchers do not bat and Batters do not pitch as their charts are vastly different. Every lineup contains a Designated Hitter (DH) that can be any Batter card.

Strategy Cards

There are three different types of Strategy Cards:

  • Offense (Can only be used while on Offense/Batting)
  • Defense (Can only be used while on Defense/Pitching)
  • Neutral (Can be used at any time)

Strategy cards always have a trigger denoting when the card can be played and then their effect. They also gain bonuses based on the Icons contained on the Player cards. Some Strategy cards also have a cost you must pay in order to use the card, usually being to discard a set amount of cards.

Back-Door Slider (Defense)
Trigger: Play before the Pitch (LH vs. LH)
Effect: Roll the Pitch using the Power Die
Icon: Draw 1 card if your Pitcher has the K Icon.

Stadium Cards

Clutch Baseball contains 30 Stadium Cards and you must choose one that synergizes with your Player and Strategy cards. Stadium cards contain a regular effect and then an enhanced effect for Players of that team. It is important to note that regular and enhanced effects apply to both teams.  This leads to some serious mind games and counter-play between the two managers.

Seattle Field: +1 to the Pitch of the losing team's Pitcher
Seattle Field Batters: Above effect is negated

There’s still a ton more to discuss in the future but for now, take a look at the Clutch Baseball 2017 Rulebook to learn more!